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Ideas to create paths in your garden

A garden with a path is a very stylish garden and this cannot be denied! Without hesitation, the paths will turn a simple garden into a great place to walk. Do you like gardens to have paths? So why doesn’t your garden have a pretty one yet? The paths will help you walk through the garden without stepping on the plants, taking you from the front door of the garden to the front door of your house.

But the paths can also be to get to the source, to surround the plants, for whatever you want! You will only have to choose where you want your path to go to start thinking about how you want to create it. The paths will also help make your garden decoration much more successful. Want some tips to inspire you to create paths in your garden? Do not lose detail!

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  1. With bricks
  2. A stair
  3. Wooden sleepers
  4. Circle path
  5. Irregular stones
  6. Small rocks
  7. Irregular wooden boards
  8. Dirt road

With bricks

Making a path with bricks is an excellent option because by aligning them with each other you can create a beautiful image as well as practical. You can create the shapes you want and take the path where you want since the bricks will allow it without problems.

As if that were not enough in the current market you can choose different types and shades of bricks, so if you do not want all the bricks to have the same color, you will only have to choose the tones that you like the most for your garden and combine them with each other.

A stair

In many cases the paths must be a stair or a ramp because the garden can have more than one level and in this case, it will undoubtedly be the best options. Also, if you know how to choose the right materials, you can get some stairs or an excellent ramp. Normally they are usually obtained from bricks, stone and even wood , how would you prefer it?

Wooden sleepers

Wooden sleepers are one of the options that I like the most on a personal level to create a path in the garden . The wooden sleepers are combined with the floor itself, so for example creating a sleeper path on top of a nice lawn is an excellent option. They would look like separate but neatly aligned wooden planks on the ground, creating a railroad track feel but in your own backyard. It is an elegant and very successful option for any type and style of garden .

Circle path

The circles on the ground would be made with small stones stuck on the ground and with the size you want. To make the path look good, an excellent idea is to put two stone circles well aligned and start creating the path of two in two circles on the lawn. The vision of the road will undoubtedly be very beautiful.

Irregular stones

An uneven stone path is also a very good idea to create a path in the garden. The feeling they convey is large and will undoubtedly look great. The stone path can be with irregular stones, although if you do not like the effect too much you can worry about getting stones that have similar shapes to be able to place them and that are with greater balance.

Small rocks

The stones small are also an excellent choice for creating a nice way, but to make it a comfortable way and you contribute well to the eye and touch, I advise you to do the small white stones all together to create the path.

Irregular wooden boards

This is a very ecological way to create a path for your garden , because the idea is to use recycled wooden planks and put them on the ground without altering the composition of the garden at all, since you would only be gluing the planks on the ground to create a road.

Dirt road

Some choose to create a path through the grass solely by removing the grass and creating the path. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the grass does not grow back in that area of ​​passage so that it always remains as an open path through which to travel.

Which of all these ideas to create a path in your garden do you like the most? To choose one idea or another I advise you to think about the dominant style in the decoration of your garden, because this way you will be able to create a wonderful balance between the path you choose and your garden . You’ll see how good it looks when you have it finished!

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