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Things you didn’t know about daisies

Who doesn’t love margaritas ? They are wonderful flowers with white petals and a yellow center that undoubtedly radiate happiness and well-being just by looking at them. When you see a field full of daisies the beauty is incredible, but when they are in your garden, it is even more beautiful! Many people also like to have them in their homes, decorating their rooms in vases. But do you know everything about daisies?

If you like daisies, you will like this article because I am going to tell you some things that you may not know and that will most likely make you learn something new. Are you ready?

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  1. The name in English
  2. There are many flowers in one
  3. They are cousins ​​of sunflowers
  4. It has a nice symbolism
  5. They are 10% of the flowers on the planet
  6. They are resistant

The name in English

Margarita in English is called “Daisy” and comes from the old English “Daes eage” which means “eye of the day”. The name refers to the way daisies close their petals at night and how they open again at dawn marking the start of a new day.

There are many flowers in one

The margaritas are not just a flower because if you look at the center are many tiny yellow flowers and petals are actually different blooms . And they really create an amazing composition that makes it a unique flower from many flowers!

They are cousins ​​of sunflowers

Daisies do not produce pipes but are cousins ​​to sunflowers . Also, like much of the sunflower family, they grow in habitats very similar to their yellow relatives.

It has a nice symbolism

Daisies in addition to symbolizing the rebirth of a new day, new opportunities and the joy of living, also symbolize innocence.

They are 10% of the flowers on the planet

Only daisies are 10% of the flowers that exist on our planet. They seem small but they are certainly a good number for these pretty flowers that love the sun so much. Daisies aren’t just blank. Although they are very beautiful in this color, you can also find them in colors such as red, purple, pink, orange or yellow. And all of them are just as pretty!

They are resistant

The margaritas are flowers resistant they can live almost anywhere. They can live in any environment regardless of its characteristics. So it doesn’t matter where your home is because if you want to plant daisies, you can do it, they will also be beautiful and will give life and joy to your home or garden.

What else do you know about daisies?

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