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Tips for designing small gardens

Garden design is increasingly important, and there are many styles that can be applied today to achieve true wonders in which to spend your leisure time. Many people dream of having a large garden in which they can put many things, but the truth is that in a small one you can also achieve very good results if you are able to design and organize it well.

The great advantage that small gardens have is that they can be very cozy, something that will be achieved much more easily than in the case of having a large one. As a disadvantage we can find that designing it is not an easy challenge since you have to make the most of all the space so that it is perfect since any mistake could spoil the vision of the entire garden.

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Design a small garden

It is important that you feel calmly thinking about the design , the best trick to achieve a perfect design. The first thing when starting the design is to be clear about how you are going to distribute each space, what elements you want to have in each of them, the type of plants you are going to grow and how you want to decorate it. All this influences the final result and the way to organize it, so go testing on paper until you find the result that you like the most.

Always choose quality at very low prices. The garden will last you “a lifetime”, so it is worth making an investment in quality materials for both the lawn and plants, decorative elements, buildings, etc. Do not put very large trees since there is little space and when they grow they could create a quite oppressive environment , it is better to put specimens that are not going to occupy much.

A good choice

Paths are a fantastic option for garden decoration, but the truth is that the ones that are small do not look very good as they take up a lot of space that you can use for other things. Do them only if they are essential to be able to go from one place to another and you want it to be with a path.

One trick to make a short garden appear long is that the width has to be greater at first and narrow as you go, which will increase the perspective. If you want it to appear wider, include prominent horizontal lines to create that effect. Making several levels, such as a small terrace on a platform, gives a greater sense of spaciousness.

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