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Mistakes that make the garden look bad

You may have noticed when looking at your garden that it seems too messy. If your garden is messy, it will certainly not be a cozy place, but rather a chaotic place that will bring you stress. The garden is an area of ​​the house that should bring you calm and well-being, that when you want to enjoy it alone or in company makes you feel good just by setting foot in it.

It is possible that your intention is that, that it is pleasant and that it makes you feel good. But sometimes, garden owners make a series of mistakes , which due to being ignored due to daily life and stress, they overlook. The time has come to learn from these mistakes to stop making them and find the solution as soon as possible.

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  1. You don’t have a master plan
  2. You don’t give importance to the unity of the place
  3. You do not compromise with your garden
  4. You don’t take into account the water in your garden
  5. Poor lawn care

You don’t have a master plan

First of all you should think about landscaping, this is crucial to be able to have a master plan and that your garden has a good landscape without being too causal or confusing. You can divide your garden into three parts: public spaces, driveway and rest area or more private – patio and pool. Public spaces can be places like the shed or where the garbage cans are. It is necessary that you decide where everything will go and that you do not deviate from the plan to have a good landscape in your garden.

You don’t give importance to the unity of the place

You will have to take into account the natural and unnatural elements that are in your garden and they must exist in a cohesive way . Combine plants with structural elements by planting shrubs near the foundation of the house so you can create a nice base, or you may want to plant a climbing plant on your porch … the choice is yours. You can choose the colors of the flowers that are best with your house, also, remember that the architecture of your house is necessary to take it into account when planting your garden.

You do not compromise with your garden

Even if you have a large garden, wide and with many possibilities … if you do not commit to your garden you will not be able to have good results . Clutter and chaos will always make you look messy in the garden . Make sure you are realistic about the size of your garden and commit to it. Think that it is your home project to be able to enjoy the outdoors and the good weather. In addition, gardening is very good for your health because it will help you connect with yourself, with your environment, with nature and above all, to enjoy the landscape that you have created with your own hands and tools.

You don’t take into account the water in your garden

Gardens that have water have a special magic that is worth contemplating in order to enjoy the garden even more . You can create a nice pond, have a fountain with water … choose your way of having water in your garden and find out how to maintain it so that it is well cared for all the time.

Poor lawn care

If you have a lawn with a lawn and you don’t take good care of it, your garden will look less than pleasant. For example, if you cut the grass too short, it will look bad and you will also be in danger of growing weeds. It is also possible that you overfeed your lawn with too much fertilizer and that the roots grow excessively.

Remember that to have a beautiful garden , you will have to dedicate time to it, but above all, you will have to dedicate a lot of love to it to achieve the best results.

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