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Tips for planting vines

There are many species of vines that you can place in different parts of your garden and that will not only give a touch of life to it but will also serve to decorate some of the areas where you plant them, such as a pergola or an arch.

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Tips for planting vines

Pay attention to the following tips for planting vines :

  • If you buy them in a pot or with the root ball in a plastic bag, you can plant them at any time of the year, but avoid the hottest and coldest phase. Ideally, do it in spring or fall.
  • If the vine does not grip itself, you can fix it with small ropes on a support of spikes and wires as it grows. Try to get these elements before you start planting it. If you want plants that hold themselves to the walls, choose ivy, climbing hydrangea, or virgin vine.
  • The vines have to be separated about two or three meters from each other since as they grow they can become entangled if they are not separated enough.
  • If the original soil is bad, throw away part of it and fill in with good quality soil.
  • At the time of planting it will be enough to use organic fertilizer, but if you want to force the plant to grow faster you can mix the organic with the mineral fertilizer.
  • The mineral fertilizer consists of mixing with the earth about 25 grams of slow-release fertilizer in each plant.
  • Put the plant in the hole (about 40 cm deep) and fill it with soil enriched with the type of compost you have used. Water it all generously.

From there, all you have to do is water it correctly and set the growth guides to guide it where it interests you.

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