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Fruit trees for every climate

People are so fickle and demanding that we often want to get what we want when and where we want it, regardless of whether it is the right thing to do or not. This general rule is also applicable to gardening, and it is that we believe that we can always plant any species hoping that it will adapt to the soil or climate conditions and develop as they should, when this is often impossible.

Therefore, if you want to plant some fruit trees in your garden and that over time they bear fruit, you must take into account the climates in which they develop and not be guided solely by your desire to have it, since this is not enough for it to work. For this reason, in AgroCorrn we show you a list of fruit trees for each climate , so that in this way you can better choose what to plant in your land or garden.

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List of fruit trees for each climate

Pay attention to the main fruit trees best suited to each type of climate and to those plants most recommended for them:

  • Cold climates: they suffer continuously from frost and reach temperatures of up to 10ºC below zero. Some of the best fruit trees for this type of climate are cherry, plum, raspberry, currant (black, red or prickly), strawberry tree, apple tree, peach tree, blackberry, pear tree, grape vine or The blackberry.
  • Temperate and cool Mediterranean climate: they are stable, with temperatures that rarely drop below -10ºC and hardly suffer from frosts. Almond, chestnut, pomegranate, passion fruit, kiwi, fig, olive, pine nuts or pistachios are the most recommended for these characteristics.
  • Mediterranean: they do not usually suffer from frosts and they do not drop below 5ºC below zero. Along with the previous one, it is the most common climate in our country. Those that do best in Mediterranean environments are tomato trees, cashew nuts, persimmons and dates, some citrus fruits such as lime, lemon or orange, grapefruit, loquats or banana trees, among many others.
  • Tropical and subtropical: it is very difficult for frosts to occur in these climates, since in general it is almost impossible to drop below 3ºC (this time positive). This is where the delicious tropical fruits are grown such as avocado, coconut, guava, soursop, mango, lychee, custard apple or papaya and others that we love so much such as the cacao plant or the coffee plant (coffee tree) .

However, although it is advisable to adapt to these parameters, we can also try planting these specimens in similar climates, where quite possibly they can also develop.

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