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Tips for keeping your pond water clean

Having a pond in the garden is a great decorative option since it gives a lot of life to the whole space, but you have to be very careful with its maintenance so that it can always look beautiful and, above all, be healthy.

The water in the ponds is one of the most important aspects of them, so in Agro Corrní we leave you a few tips to keep the water in the pond clean and in good condition.

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Eliminate algae

First of all, tell you that algae are the main problem in pond water so most of the advice will be focused on its prevention so that it does not get dirty.

There are products that are anti-algae and that will help you avoid them, and if you apply them well they will not pose any problem for the fish or for any aquatic plants that you have in the pond.

Ideally, the pond should be in a shady area , at least partially, since algae are sun-loving and appear where there is a lot. Make sure that the pond receives at least 7 hours a day of shade, something that you can also achieve with some species of plants that will provide it.

Take care of the water

It is important that the water you use for the pond is not:

  • It’s salina.
  • Not limestone.
  • Nor have too much chlorine.

Eliminate any organic residue that appears in the pond such as fallen leaves or flowers , also putting gravel on the surfaces so that the substrate does not come off. Do not put more food for the fish as it would make the water more dirty.

The water movements are very good, since they provide oxygen, so if you can install a waterfall or fountain so that the water is in motion.

Cultivate species that are oxygenating so that they absorb the decomposing minerals and thus the space is cleaner.

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