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Cordless garden machines from STIHL

Summer has flown by, we have been able to enjoy the good weather in our garden, but now autumn is coming, a new season in which we are still in time to spend hours outside, enjoy the outdoors on sunny days and be surrounded of plants and vegetation. It is something that is always appreciated, no matter what the weather is like. But for this we must take care of our garden , be it the lawn, the pruned trees and the fresh flowers.

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New STIHL machines

For this task that can sometimes be tedious or complicated, it is best to have the specialists of STIHL, a German family company with an international presence and a leader in the manufacture and sale of forestry, agricultural and gardening machinery . For a few years now, they have established themselves as the benchmark brand trusted by garden professionals to get it ready without too much effort.

In its catalog you will find a very pleasant surprise, and that is because the new machines have a built-in battery, which makes them perfect for users who need to perform gardening tasks without having to complicate themselves with plugs, extensions and other tools that do the whole process. heavier. Cordless, light, with enormous capacity to work, long autonomy, with a very affordable price, and quiet to please the neighbors, these are the new STIHL machines that every garden lover should have.

A noteworthy aspect of the new range of battery tools (blower, hedge trimmer, chainsaw and brush cutter) is that the same battery can be used with any of them, something that greatly facilitates its use and does not require a large initial outlay, as it can be gradually acquire the range as we need more types of machinery. They can only be found in specialist STIHL stores where they offer you professional advice before, during and after your purchase.

In addition, the VIKING MA 235 cordless lawn mower AK 20 is very compact, light and quiet. The performance is spectacular when you see that the cutting blade is optimized and lifts the grass before cutting it. This way we ensure a clean cut, lengthens battery life and the collector fills up better. A pleasure to mow the garden like this.

Now you know, if your garden challenges you, take up the challenge with STIHL cordless machines.

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