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7 secrets to growing perfect roses

Being in a garden and seeing perfect roses is undoubtedly pleasant because it helps us to contemplate the beauty of these magnificent flowers. Roses are the favorite flowers of many people and it is not for less, they are elegant, classic flowers that fill with life any place where they are present.

If you like to grow roses and have them in your garden, today I want to explain some tricks and secrets that you may have been overlooking. They are some tricks that will come from pearls to be able to grow the roses and that also, make perfect roses. Do not lose detail!

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  1. A rose in the pot
  2. A well-formed rose bush
  3. Keep the roots moist
  4. Offer tea to your roses
  5. Better with sun
  6. Keep longer in bloom
  7. Cure their illnesses with baking soda

A rose in the pot

If you have bought a rose in a pot and want to transfer it to your garden, you should consider when to do it. You should wait until the flower is in bloom and you should not disturb its roots when you move it to another place. You will need to cut the bottom of the pot and set the packed root ball in the hole in your garden to do the planting. Then make an indentation in the side of the container and carefully remove it before filling in the hole with the soil that has been modified with compost.

A well-formed rose bush

If most of the buds of roses appear one direction can place the plant in the hole plantanción so that the opposite side may sprout facing north. This trick will help you produce a bush-shaped hole and the rose will ripen better. There will be more sun for the plant in this position and this will encourage the plant and flowers to grow on the other side as well.

Keep the roots moist

Remember that keeping the roots is not the same as keeping the leaves. What should be wet are the roots but not the leaves. This will help retain water from around the roots of a rose. In hot, dry weather, roses need a little more water a week, either from a hose or from the rain. It is necessary that when you water your roses, you make sure that the water seeps into the soil to reach the roots but that it does not wet the foliage. If you wet the foliage of the rose bushes, you could cause the leaves to get sick due to fungi and the rose bush to die.

Offer tea to your roses

It may sound a bit strange to you, but it makes a lot more sense than you might think. If you want your rose bushes to grow with more energy and to do so faster even in summer, you will only have to put some tea bags under the mulch. When you water the plants, the nutrients in the tea bags will carry into the soil and stimulate the growth of the roses . Roses love the tannic acid in tea.

Better with sun

Roses love the sun and its energy is what will help them stay strong and grow healthy . Ideally, the roses should be able to enjoy at least six hours of sunshine a day.

Keep longer in bloom

If you want to stimulate the continuous blooming of rose flowers throughout the summer, you must soak the roots of each bush with two or four tablespoons of brewer’s yeast dissolved in two liters of water. This should be done right after the first bloom.

Cure their illnesses with baking soda

At the first sign of roses have diseases on leaves , should prevent other sheets from spreading and protecting spraying the leaves with a solution of sodium bicarbonate. You will need to mix two small tablespoons of baking soda and a few drops of liquid soap with a little water . You should spray the entire bush with the mixture and apply this method every five days until the spots disappear.

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