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Types of lamps for the garden

If you are lucky enough to have a garden in your home, you will surely know the importance of keeping it in good condition throughout the year so that you can enjoy it as soon as the good weather arrives, so the decoration becomes very important. But in addition to keeping it in good condition and having a decoration according to your life and your lifestyle, lighting is also very important, so the lamps for the garden will take a great role.

That is why today I want to talk to you about lighting for your garden and some of the types of lamps that you can find today in the market, since lighting has changed over the years so there are much more sophisticated models. with lights that are regulated, ecological, that do not heat, etc.

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  1. Different designs
  2. If your garden is small
  3. If your garden is medium
  4. If your garden is big

Different designs

In today’s market you can find many different shapes and designs of garden lamps. You can find traditional forms such as lanterns and lamps but other more modern, innovative and sophisticated lighting are also incorporated to create a warm and comfortable place in your garden when the daylight has gone. But what matters in the end is that you know how to combine the lights, colors and intensities suitable for your garden and your lifestyle.

If your garden is small

If your garden is small you will have to focus on simple lighting so that it gives you light but at the same time does not take up much space in your decoration. Well, use fixed fixtures on the walls of the garden or on the ground. In the market you can find many varied shapes from classic designs to much more innovative designs. It will depend on the decorative style of your garden that you choose one or the other.

If your garden is medium

If your garden is medium in size but you want simple lighting, you can place beautiful lanterns hanging on the wall or placed vertically from the ground. These lamps can be tall or medium, depending on the size of your home. If you want to place more than one lamppost, I advise you to leave enough space between one and the other. If you have a path in your garden you can illuminate the path with small streetlights or light fixtures.

If your garden is big

If your garden is large, you will have more possibilities for lighting because you can show off and illuminate your flowers, your plants and everything that you want to highlight in your garden. You can use street lamps, wall lights, reflectors , projectors … whatever you need for your lighting!

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