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Products and natural remedies for our health

Natural medicine includes everything from herbal medicine to homepathy. Unlike this, which uses products from plants in very small concentrations as a treatment against diseases, herbal remedies are, to understand us, those used by our grandmothers. That is, it is about taking advantage of the properties of the herbs, fruits or vegetables through infusions, tinctures, spices, juices, essential oils or simply by ingestion or direct application, as is or in combination.

In fact, herbal medicine was the origin of the drugs of synthesis , and is currently a large therapeutic arsenal whose effectiveness in many cases is supported by scientific studies. However, it is also true that we must take into account that sometimes there may be incompatibilities and side effects, among other adverse reactions.

  1. It is better prevent…
  2. Natural products for weight loss
  3. Relaxation and fall asleep
  4. Improve memory
  5. Stomach problems and poisonings
  6. Caring for and treating skin problems

It is better prevent…

Enhancing health in a general or specific way is one of the strengths of herbal medicine (for example, echinacea to prevent or soften cold symptoms) and, of course, the great advantage of a good diet . There is scientific agreement on the importance of physical exercise and a balanced meal, rich in vegetables as an effective way to prevent diseases.

In this sense, in addition to the well-known superfoods or food-medicine (kiwi, apple, blueberries, spinach, barley or wheat grass, oats, quinoa and a larto etc.), equally preventive, a recent study has considered proven that , compared to intensive agriculture, organic crops are better for our health, according to a study by Washington State University (USA) published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

Thus, together with the evidence that supports the importance of fruits and vegetables for health, there is now the confirmation that organic farming is nutritionally superior and benefits for health, according to this infestigation, which after the analysis of 343 studies above reveals that there is enough data to prefer them because they contain more antioxidants, as well as fewer pesticides and cadmium.

Natural products for weight loss

Again, a healthy diet, in which whole grains and organic vegetables abound , preferably raw to achieve a satiating effect, will be decisive for our health and figure.

Apple cider vinegar or eating apples with their skin is an interesting way to lose kilos, since it is a super food to lose weight and maintain the line, and in the same way there are endless infusions or other natural products formulated with the principles active ingredients from fruits, vegetables or, for example, in the form of syrups or pills (papaya, pineapple, seaweed and others) and, of course, also creams that we can prepare at home or buy to lose weight more naturally.

Relaxation and fall asleep

The well-known valerian in infusion or pills is one of the most used herbs to induce sleep and relax, as well as the typical linden tisane or aromatherapy methods based on essential oils, with an immediate effect.

Marjoram, lavender or bergamot are widely used to combat stress through aromatherapy, either through essential oils that are inhaled directly or applied as an air freshener -perfuming objects or fabrics- or even included in the bathroom or, for example, in cosmetic formulas.

Improve memory

The aroma of rosemary helps to remember, and not only says popular wisdom, but science itself. A recent study from the University of Northumbria found that rosemary essential oil increased the odds of recall by up to 75 percent . Sage, fennel, nettle, or soy are also effective.

Stomach problems and poisonings

Natural oregano, in the form of a spice or essential oil, is a natural remedy with powerful effects to combat poisoning problems due to eating spoiled food. Spirulina algae, coriander oil act in the same direction and, on the other hand, are known properties of the artichoke to combat problems of stomach as gas, heartburn and other disorders own maldigestion.

Garlic, sage, tarragon, carrot or chamomile also fight food poisoning and also help to have a healthy digestive system. In turn, many of them have an antibacterial and even natural antibiotic effect.

Caring for and treating skin problems

Aloe vera is one of the star natural products for application on the skin, although drinking it also has therapeutic effects. Whether applied directly from the plant or in cosmetic preparations, with great effectiveness to combat dermatitis and balance the dermis, achieving soothing, moisturizing, regenerating and healing effects.

Honey has cosmetic applications that improve the condition of the skin in order to have a healthy appearance. With its regular application it can sometimes help to improve skin problems, as it happens notably, for example, with Manuka honey, effective in healing infected wounds and achieving a local antibiotic effect .

When hair loss is due to dandruff or other problems related to the scalp, the solution is often found in the application of natural remedies that restore its balance.

The essential oil of lavender, the same olive oil or the preparation of tonics that contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera or apple cider vinegar will help reduce or even stop your hair loss. It is important to respect the doses and be constant to obtain good results.

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