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Natural remedies to protect yourself from mosquitoes

Mosquito bites are the most uncomfortable thing in the summer . Who has not happened to wake up one morning with several welts that swell our limbs and itch us horrors? To be green, we do not have to suffer this stoically, but it is also not necessary to kill mosquitoes and use toxic repellants that are not good for our planet.

It is said that one in five people receives numerous bites a year from mosquitoes (in addition to the fact that these creatures can transmit diseases). The most common repellent on the market uses Deet , a chemical that has harmful effects on health and the environment.

Fortunately, there are a large number of tricks that will ensure protection against mosquitoes without having to apply any toxic product on your skin.

  1. Knowing the mosquito
  2. First things first: prevention
  3. Anti-mosquito plants and candles
  4. Essential oils on your skin
  5. Vitamin B for prevention
  6. Buzz patches or bracelets?
  7. Mosquito nets
  8. Natural, homemade repellants
  9. Garlic, great repellent
  10. What if they end up biting us?

Knowing the mosquito

The mosquitoes are very attracted to movement and heat, so that the hotter it, the easier it is to bite us. In situations such as: doing sports in a park or forest, sweating and moving, you are attracting them a lot, so in those cases it is recommended to take a series of natural protections. In addition, mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk, in plant and shrub areas, and in stagnant water fountains or streams.

These insects are attracted to a number of microorganisms in the human body. People a variable number of them, that is why some are more prone to mosquitoes than others. It is the scientific explanation of what the mothers told us that itched us because we had “the sweetest blood.”

First things first: prevention

The first thing we have to do is avoid all stagnant water sources both at home and around them. Puddles, gutters, the dog’s trough, glasses filled with liquid … we will empty everything because that attracts mosquitoes, especially if the water has been in the same container for several days. The ideal thing would be to wear long-sleeved clothes, very thin so as not to be too hot, but loose and wide. However, there are other remedies to be protected without reaching this extreme: for example, natural repellants.

One solution to keep mosquitoes away from home is to cut several lemons or limes in two and poke them with multiple cloves (the aromatic spice ). Leave them on plates and distribute well throughout the house. Lemons and citrus fruits in general do not like mosquitoes, so they will go away.

Anti-mosquito plants and candles

Did you know that plants are great allies to stay away from home to pesky mosquitoes ? If you have them at home, you will see how the difference is very noticeable and you and your family will sleep much more comfortable.

The most effective are marigolds. If possible, put it on all window sills, on the deck, and around the house. It will not only protect you from mosquitoes, but also from other insects. Mint or eucalyptus also work, among others.

Regarding the candles, those of citronella or citrus are recommended. They emit an odor that is very unpleasant to mosquitoes . You will also find incense in special stores or in pharmacies that scare them away. The problem with these methods – which is why plants are better – is that the moment you turn it off, the smell dissipates and the mosquitoes can come back.

Essential oils on your skin

This is a technique that has yielded very good results . There are a number of essential oils that repel mosquitoes. We only have to incorporate them into our body morning, afternoon and night, at least three times a day because they have a maximum effectiveness of several hours.

For example, we can mix them with moisturizing cream , with perfume … Of course, our skin will be more grateful to essential oils than if we impregnate it with a chemical. Apply it generously.

The most effective are:

  • Lemon and citronella, from what we have quoted before.
  • eucalyptus or mint
  • Lavender
  • Basil
  • Laurel or rosemary.

Now this solution is also available in the format of anti- mosquito bracelets with natural oils (see price and colors), they are very practical to wear and you will effectively prevent these annoying flying insects from approaching you.

Vitamin B for prevention

There is a whole debate about whether taking vitamin B makes mosquitoes not want to approach us or not. According to an American study, when we take vitamin B, to sweating or urination, let go a smell that bothers the mosquitoes . We do not lose anything by trying and taking a vitamin B pill every morning or incorporating it into our diet. Lots of people say they only use this method for prevention and that it works. In food, you will find it in almonds, lentils or mushrooms.

Buzz patches or bracelets?

In pharmacies they sell patches to stick to the skin and bracelets that produce an ultrasonic noise that we do not hear, but it seems that mosquitoes are bothered by it. They are widely publicized remedies, but there are people who do not consider them effective and who have suffered bites despite using them.

Mosquito nets

If your house is full of annoying mosquitoes during the summer , you may consider installing mosquito nets on all windows and openings in the house. It is a small investment that, without a doubt, will leave you much calmer during this time. These are tulle meshes that prevent mosquitoes from entering.

If you are going to travel to jungle or forest areas , especially to tropical areas with many mosquitoes, it is highly recommended (almost necessary) that you save a place in your suitcase for one of these tights. They are hung on the ceiling or wall so that they cover your entire bed and you can sleep without the presence of unwanted insects . It may seem strange to sleep like this but they are tremendously effective.

Natural, homemade repellants

If, despite all these prevention tips, you do not trust and want a reinforcement, you can continue to use repellent, but it will be much better if it is natural. Here is a good list of natural repellants:

  • Cat grass oil : This herb works wonderfully against mosquitoes. In addition, you will not have to prepare anything, just buy this oil (pure) in pharmacies or herbalists. A study from the University of Iowa concluded that this herb is 10 times more effective than the most powerful toxic repellent on the market.
  • Citronella oil : We insist on citronella because it is really effective, although not as effective as cat grass. You have to use a pure essential oil, it is not worth the fragrance.
  • Lavender repellent : Mix 100 milliliters of lavender essential oil with a skin moisturizer. With this simple mixture, you will be able to stay cool all summer and protected against mosquitoes.
  • Clove repellent : It is made with 30 aromatic cloves, 1 liter of water and baby shampoo. Boil the water with the cloves for 30 minutes and pour into the shampoo with the help of a strainer. Mix well and apply.

Garlic, great repellent

If you like garlic, you already have the perfect excuse ! The smell of garlic makes mosquitoes run away from you, so if you increase your consumption this summer, mosquitoes will surely respect you more. The problem is that it is a strong smell that some people may dislike. Avoiding eating banana is another preventive measure, it seems that this fruit attracts them.

What if they end up biting us?

If we follow these effective tips, it is very difficult for them to bite us, but if we have been careless and the annoying sting appears, there are also many natural remedies to cure swelling and relieve symptoms. Here are some methods to treat stings:

  • One of the most effective is to apply pure aloe vera . This plant, which we see so often in skin products, will help soothe pain and swelling.
  • The cucumbers are also perfect to reduce swelling and moisturize the skin.
  • The cinnamon also repels mosquitoes, but also keep the wound free of bacteria.
  • A green tea bag (cold) will be enough to work as an anti-inflammatory
  • If you get so itchy that you need immediate relief, apply mint and ice . You will notice immediately how it hurts and itches less.

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