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How to make homemade natural anti-mosquito

With the arrival of good weather, many insects also make their appearance and one of those that can become the most annoying, due to their bites, are mosquitoes. These insects feed on the blood of other animals, which they bite to absorb it and when they do so they inoculate an anesthetic substance that acts locally, in this way they do not realize it, which also causes an inflammatory and even allergic reaction in some cases.

If you want to discover how to make natural homemade anti-mosquitoes , as well as some little tricks to prevent these annoying insects from being your housemates during the summer months, continue reading AgroCorrn and we will tell you about it.

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  1. What is and how does a natural mosquito repellent work?
  2. Citronella and other anti-mosquito plants
  3. An easy homemade mosquito trap
  4. Tips to avoid mosquitoes naturally

What is and how does a natural mosquito repellent work?

Currently there are many products that serve as mosquito repellants or even insecticides designed to kill mosquitoes. However, the vast majority of these products that are marketed are made from chemical products that are, literally, poison for mosquitoes, and for other living beings.

However, as the amounts to which both people and pets are exposed are usually very small, they do not constitute a great threat to the lives of these living beings, which does not mean that they are not substances that are harmful to health and that, Furthermore, they also pollute the environment .

On the contrary, when we talk about natural anti- mosquitoes , we are referring to substances that either act as repellants or as traps that kill mosquitoes but that, for this, only natural substances are used, which prevents people and pets from becoming intoxicated or that its use contaminates the nearby ecosystem.

Citronella and other anti-mosquito plants

Without a doubt, the best way to repel mosquitoes is to use natural remedies to protect yourself from mosquitoes , such as plants that generate odors that act as a natural repellent for these insects. In this sense, citronella is the most famous of all, although other plants, such as geranium or basil, are also good examples of this type of plant with repellent and anti-mosquito properties .

There are different ways to use them. On the one hand, you can choose to place some of these aromatic plants directly in a pot and place them near the window to avoid the presence of these insects. However, when the presence of mosquitoes is high, it may happen that the simple fact that the plants are close is not enough to scare them away. In these cases, it is best to use their respective essential oils , which we can buy in most herbalists and pharmacies. The most appropriate way to use these oils is with an oil burner, where we will put water and a few drops of the essential oil that we have acquired and light a candle so that its aroma is spread throughout the room.

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An easy homemade mosquito trap

On the other hand, if in addition to scaring them away we want to be completely sure that they do not bite us while we sleep or we are on our terrace or garden, the best idea will be to place a homemade mosquito trap near the bed at night or in places outside. where we usually find more quantity of these insects.

This anti-mosquito trap is made with a plastic bottle that we will cut in half and whose mouth we will place inside the base itself in an inverted way. That is, creating a funnel that facilitates the entry of mosquitoes but not their exit. Next, we will seal the sides with adhesive tape to prevent mosquitoes from escaping once they have entered inside.

With this structure we will have the trap ready, although now it will be necessary to add a substance that attracts them more than the blood of people and pets. To do this, we will mix a glass of water with two tablespoons of yeast and two tablespoons of white sugar and we will introduce it inside the bottle. This substance will naturally attract mosquitoes, preventing them from biting us throughout the summer and, after the hot season, we can recycle the trap by throwing it directly into the yellow garbage can, once we have cleaned it.

Tips to avoid mosquitoes naturally

Beyond driving away or eliminating mosquitoes , it is also important to take into account a series of tips that will help us avoid mosquitoes from the beginning.

On the one hand, it must be taken into account that these animals deposit their eggs in stagnant water . At first, it might seem that these conditions do not exist in our house. But the water left in the bottom plate of plants is usually an exceptionally good environment for mosquitoes. So, in order not to make their work easier, it is best to make sure that the plants have only the necessary water in the pot, avoiding any excess that may be left over.

Likewise, it is also a good idea to move the plants away from the bedroom windows as much as possible during the summer, since mosquitoes act especially at night, so it will be better to place them in another room of the house or, when possible , even on the outside of it.

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