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The thousand and one ecological uses of baking soda

The bicarbonate of sodium is biodegradable having endless ecological household uses. In addition, it is inexpensive, it is very easy to always have it at hand and it avoids the use of personal care products, fungicides, air fresheners , cleaning …

In addition, it is a non-flammable product. Of course, do not confuse it with sodium carbonate, an irritant. In contrast, sodium bicarbonate (Na 2 CO), also known by many other names such as carbonic acid, sodium salt mono sodium – or simply, can be applied mildly abrasive so external .

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  1. A sustainable home, and more …
  2. Make it bright
  3. Absorb bad odors
  4. In the garden
  5. Many more tricks
  6. Also for athletes

A sustainable home, and more …

The partner bicarbonate , in effect, has many ecological qualities that we can take advantage of to make hygiene in the home more ecological and affordable. In addition, it has interesting applications for personal care and is even a legal sports dopant, and reasonably consumed, also innocuous.

We can use it for so many things that many of them are simply yet to be discovered. What’s more, if you start doing it, we bet you will soon discover new practical uses for baking soda. And, be that as it may, having it at home can help us both on a day-to-day basis and at the least expected moment.

In this post we give you a small sample of simple uses of baking soda, but of course there are many more. Above all, you can expand its uses by innovating. Making bath bombs, say or homemade cleaners using other organic ingredients can be very interesting.

Make it bright

Baking soda can help restore lost shine to pots or metal objects, such as faucets, jewelry, and even silver or gold, for example. From rings or chains to necklaces, bracelets, etc. Rubbing is enough, being careful not to scratch, for which it is important to do a small test in an inconspicuous place.

It will be interesting to prepare a putty with bicarbonate and vinegar , cover, let it rest and then rinse. In this case, we must be careful with the acidity of the vinegar, if it is too concentrated, direct contact can be corrosive.

Absorb bad odors

Eliminating bad odors on different surfaces is easy with baking soda. It will be enough to sprinkle it on the surface in question, be it a shelf, a rug, a stuffed animal, shoes, our pet’s bed or any upholstery or fabric, let’s say.

It is important to let it act for a few minutes or, if we can, better a few hours. Then we remove it, for example, with a vacuum cleaner, a brush or a wet cloth. It is also effective to place a glass with bicarbonate and renew it every several weeks inside the cabinets or wherever we want to absorb odors and humidity.

If there are smokers in the house, let’s put it in the bottom of the ashtrays and change it every time we empty them. This will absorb cigarette butt and environmental tobacco odors. It works very well, on the other hand, inside refrigerators to control odors and, incidentally, prevent them from mixing.

Or let’s wash our hands after cooking to get rid of garlic or fish smells. To do this, rinse with water for the first few seconds without rubbing, as the odors would be embedded. Then rubbing with a paste made by mixing juice of lemon and bicarbonate. Rinse and go.

In the garden

Fungicide, pesticide, together with Neem oil, baking soda serves as an insecticide in the garden to prevent and eliminate pests such as mildew, and sprinkled on the ground prevents insects from approaching. It also helps us to kill weeds and can be sprayed on plants.

Many more tricks

Mixing bicarbonate with white vinegar and boiling water we will have a plunger, specifically mixing half a liter of water, two cups of bicarbonate and one of vinegar. We will achieve a better cleaning by mixing it with a splash of vinegar and dish detergents that we add to the scouring pad, sprinkling a teaspoon.

As anti-stains, it is enough to mix with a little water and apply the paste on the clothes. Letting it rest may be enough, and in difficult stains it is better to rub with a brush or with your hands, without more. Diluted in water in the rinse it also helps to soften, eliminate odors and brighten whites and colors.

Likewise, baking soda is a very effective ingredient for removing dirt and disinfecting. We can add it almost anywhere: in the water for scrubbing the floor or, for example, in ecological household cleaners in a dispenser bottle.

As a shampoo enhancer, ideally if it is also organic, it will help us to eliminate the residues of lacquers or gummies by massaging it for a few minutes. Nor should we stop cleaning the combs and brushes by immersing them in hot water in which we will have diluted a couple of teaspoons of baking soda. Let it sit for a few hours (overnight) and rinse for a surprising result.

Also for athletes

A study by researchers at the University of Loughvorough, in the UK, concluded that the bicarbonate of sodium can help improve aerobic capacity. Specifically, the research found that in a swimming competition 9 swimmers who had taken sodium bicarbonate improved their records.

Specifically, during the study the swimmers took sodium bicarbonate before covering a distance of 200 meters over three weeks and improved 1.5 seconds. Researchers attribute the improvement to an increase in blood pH, achieving lower acidity compared to the placebo and control groups.

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