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How to make natural antibacterial gel

Wondering how to make hand sanitizer gel ? Do you want to make an antibacterial gel in a simple way and with natural ingredients? This type of gel serves to disinfect our hands quickly and safely and has become a basic hygiene product. Thus, it is advisable to carry it with you or whenever you know that you are going somewhere where it is better to maintain very good hygiene, such as a hospital or the workplace. These products are sold in pharmacies, but not all contain natural products. At AgroCorrn we offer you the option of making them yourself at home with natural products and with a totally ecological result.

Read on and learn how to make natural antibacterial gel with different antiseptic, powerful antibacterial and mild antiviral ingredients.

Does the antibacterial gel work against viruses?

Before offering recipes to make natural antibacterial gel , we want to clarify what its properties are. These types of gels have antibacterial properties , so they kill a variety of bacteria (although not all), they also have fungicidal properties , that is, they eliminate pathogenic fungi, and they are also powerful disinfectants , eliminating a wide variety of germs. But what about viruses?

As indicated by the WHO [1] , while denying various beliefs and rumors about the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV), the truth is that antibacterial gels are not suitable against viruses, as they are bactericidal and non-virucidal , just like It happens with antibiotic drugs, they are against bacteria, not viruses. However, there are some disinfectant gels with virucidal effect and in this case it is indicated on the product label .

However, the WHO also indicates that washing your hands frequently with soap and water and then with antibacterial gel or disinfectant gel helps to maintain proper hand hygiene, significantly reducing the number of germs and, therefore, avoiding other types of infections, but also reducing the chance of contracting viruses. Likewise, to avoid the spread of viruses , such as 2019-nCoV, among the WHO advice, it is worth noting to wash your hands correctly before and after using the bathroom, after coughing and sneezing, before eating and after having been in public places. crowded. Wash your hands wellAs we have just indicated, you should start by using soap and water and then applying the gel to both hands thoroughly (both palms and backs and between the fingers) and letting it dry. The hand washing part should last between 40 and 60 seconds [2] and the hand disinfection part between 20 and 30 seconds [3] . Never use gel alone, except if we have washed with soap and water for a very short time or in places and situations where there is no good access to soap and / or water).

How to make antibacterial gel with aloe vera

To start, we give you an easy homemade antibacterial gel recipe that you can make with some aloe vera and essential oils that will smell good and enhance the antiseptic effect of this product. Why do we recommend aloe vera gel ? The truth is that it is a very complete natural product, since aloe vera or aloe has very beneficial properties for the skin, among which we will highlight that it is moisturizing, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and regenerating. You can buy pure aloe vera gel, or you can make it yourself if you have a plant. Here you can learn how to make homemade aloe vera gel .

In addition, this is a perfect recipe for you if you are looking for how to make natural antibacterial gel without alcohol , since it does not contain it and, instead, we recommend adding essential oils with mild antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral properties and that are quite aromatic and of your liking. For these characteristics, we have chosen essential oil of lavender, tea tree and orange. We recommend that when buying the oils you make sure that they are, according to the label, organic, bio or natural.

Follow these directions to learn how to make natural antibacterial hand gel with this recipe:


  • 10 tablespoons of aloe vera gel
  • 20 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 10 drops of tea tree essential oil
  • 10 drops of orange essential oil


  1. First, prepare the aloe vera gel to make the antibacterial gel.
  2. Put the gel in a bowl that is somewhat deep and also add the lavender essential oil and stir with a wooden or silicone spoon.
  3. When it is well integrated, then add the other two essential oils and stir well again.
  4. Once you see the ingredients well integrated, pour the mixture into a jar where you are going to store the antibacterial. We recommend you have a dispenser and that it closes well. You can store it in several smaller jars so you can easily carry one with you.
  5. As it does not have alcohol, if you want this gel to be well preserved, we recommend that you use a dark bottle or that, at least, do not leave it exposed to light on a regular basis, since it will not last so well preserved.

How to make scented antibacterial gel

Another of the easiest recipes that we propose is the one that includes alcohol. Therefore, we recommend this recipe if you are looking to make natural antibacterial gel with alcohol , since the product that is sold in pharmacies does carry it and in fact it is one of the most powerful antiseptics out there.

It is also a recipe that will result in a disinfectant gel with aroma, since it includes a very aromatic essential oil with great disinfectant properties, such as rosemary or eucalyptus, you can choose the one you prefer or add half of the indicated amount of one and the other half of the other. In addition, to take care of the skin, this recipe is also made with witch hazel.

Follow these steps to make a homemade scented alcohol hand sanitizer :


  • 70 ml of pharmacy alcohol, 96% ethyl alcohol or ethanol
  • 20 ml witch hazel
  • ¼ tablespoon vegetable glycerin
  • 20 drops of eucalyptus or rosemary essential oil


  1. Buy or prepare witch hazel water, you can make it as a cold infusion by letting some flowers and leaves rest for several hours and then removing the remains.
  2. In the measuring container in which you are going to store the final homemade disinfectant gel, add the witch hazel, the alcohol and the already prepared vegetable glycerin.
  3. Mix well until the ingredients are integrated and add the drops of the essential oil of your choice.
  4. Stir well again and when you see a homogeneous mixture, you will have your natural antibacterial gel ready!

How To Make Easy Homemade Hand Sanitizer Gel

We offer you a third option to prepare a natural hand sanitizer gel. In this case, apart from alcohol and aloe vera for the properties that we have already discussed before, we recommend adding rose water. This product, which you can buy easily or make yourself, will provide hydration to take care of the skin and freshness and good smell

Follow these instructions in which we explain how to make hand sanitizer gel with aloe vera and rose water :


  • 70 ml of pharmacy alcohol, 96% ethyl alcohol or ethanol
  • 30 ml rose water
  • 10 tablespoons of aloe vera gel
  • Optional: you can add 10 drops of lavender essential oil, as it provides more antibacterial properties and combines the scent with rose water very well.


  1. Have the aloe vera gel and rose water ready. If you buy them instead of making them, remember that it is better if the label indicates that they are bio, eco or organic products.
  2. In a large bowl add the aloe vera gel and rose water, mixing until you see a homogeneous texture.
  3. Now add the alcohol and keep stirring a little more.
  4. At this point add the lavender essential oil if you want and stir more until you have a uniform gel.
  5. Pour everything into the bottle or container you have chosen to store this antibacterial gel made with natural products and you will have it ready to use.

How to make antibacterial gel without alcohol

If you keep wondering how to make hand sanitizer gel , take note of this other recipe for homemade and natural antibacterial gel that is alcohol free.


  • 1/2 tablespoon of vegetable glycerin
  • 30 ml rosemary water
  • 5 drops of lemon essential oil
  • 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil

Elaboration of the natural antibacterial gel for hands

  1. Prepare the glycerin according to the directions on the package.
  2. If you don’t buy it, prepare the rosemary water by making an infusion in quantity so that you have 30 ml of well-concentrated rosemary water at the end.
  3. In the jar in which you are going to store this natural antibacterial gel put the glycerin (you can make several jars if you want to have it in small jars to carry around).
  4. Add the rosemary water and mix with a stick or wooden kitchen spoon.
  5. Add the essential oils and mix again until you see a smooth gel.
  6. Distribute it among all the cans you need and you can use it.

How to make homemade hand sanitizer with alcohol

To finish explaining how to make homemade gel hand sanitizer , we offer you another recipe with alcohol in its base.


  • 2/3 of the bottle capacity for Pharmacy Alcohol Antibacterial Gel, 96% Ethyl Alcohol or Ethanol
  • 1/3 of aloe vera gel
  • 10 drops of lemon essential oil
  • 5 drops of peppermint essential oil


  1. If you do not have the purchased gel, cut an aloe vera leaf from a plant you have and prepare it (in the first section you have instructions for it). Pour the aloe vera gel into the container until it is ⅓ full.
  2. Add the alcohol, close the bottle and stir well so that the two ingredients are integrated.
  3. Open the container again and add the drops of essential oils.
  4. Mix everything well to make a homogeneous gel.
  5. Store it in a jar or bottle with a dispenser or small opening for easy use when you need it and you will have the natural antibacterial gel ready!

Do you already know how to make hand sanitizing gel ? Have you chosen the recipe that you like the most? If so, now we recommend that you continue reading this other AgroCorrn post, since here you can see more ideas on How to make a natural disinfectant and not only for hands or skin, but also for wounds, food, clothing, home, and so on.

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