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Advantages and disadvantages of mineral makeup


Have you heard of mineral makeup? This type of makeup is being rediscovered, it is back in fashion, and we say it this way because it is made with totally natural products, which is why it is what women had used to put on makeup for centuries, even long before the products existed—today’s Chemicals.

Like everything, this type of mineral product for the face has advantages and disadvantages. They are made with natural products does not mean that they are perfect but rather healthier in general and more suitable for certain types of skin. At AgroCorrn, we want to help you know the advantages and disadvantages of makeup and what this natural product is.

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  1. What is mineral makeup
  2. Mineral makeup ingredients
  3. What are the advantages of mineral makeup
  4. What are the disadvantages of mineral makeup

What is mineral makeup

These are makeup products made with minerals directly extracted from the earth, that is, without chemicals added during the process, just crushing the minerals. Since it does not contain colorants or preservatives, the resulting colors may be more limited shades than conventional makeup, but they are healthier products.

Mineral makeup is especially suitable for oily skin and sensitive skin. In addition, some are specially formulated to help treat and reduce the symptoms of other skin problems, such as mineral makeup for rosacea or even for allergic skin. However, even if it is hypoallergenic makeup and, above all, if you have a facility to suffer allergic skin reactions, it is always advisable to perform an allergy test on a small piece of our skin to ensure that we can use it without problems.

Mineral makeup ingredients

¿ What minerals are used to make natural makeup? Normally, the mineral makeup products that we can buy today are made with the following minerals:

  • Mica
  • Zinc oxide
  • Iron oxide
  • Titanium dioxide

During the manufacturing process, the minerals are extracted and crushed into small particles. There are specific products, such as mineral makeup for oily skin, so the combination and quantity of these elements vary from one product to another and from one brand to another.

In addition, they contain water and organic oils, which can also vary according to the brand, which allows the texture of the makeup when it comes into contact with the skin to be more fluid, similar to light cream, and not powder.

What are the advantages of mineral makeup?

Among the properties of mineral makeup, specifically those found in the minerals that are often used, and the advantages of makeup made with minerals, we find the following:

  • Without chemicals, which does contain conventional makeup.
  • Soothing.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • It does not irritate the skin, except in highly sensitive or allergic skin cases to some of the minerals. At the same time, many conventional products irritate, usually due to some low quality.
  • Although not very high, it contains natural sun protection, so it will never replace sunscreen or cream.
  • Eliminates shine by removing excess oils from the skin.
  • It unifies well the tone and texture of the skin.
  • Do not clog pores.
  • It is straightforward to remove.
  • The result is well-cared, healthy, and natural-looking skin.
  • It has a longer shelf life than chemical makeup, so it does not expire and only spoils if it has been poorly stored or really many years have passed.

Of course, it covers the skin’s surface well, but it does not penetrate it as much as conventional makeup. So the result is even and smooth skin, but with less duration and easier to remove makeup. In this way, the pores are not clogged as much as with conventional products.

What are the mineral makeup disadvantages?

Seeing the advantages of mineral makeup, made with totally natural products, we think it is an ideal makeup. However, it also has makeup disadvantages, apart from the fact that it will really depend on the needs that you want to cover with its use since, for example, the tones of your lip balms, lipstick or lipsticks, as well as leftover eyes, are not usually so varied as those of conventional makeup.

Therefore, mineral makeup has less color gamut, both in foundations and other lip and eye products. But, without a doubt, it will be the best option for those looking for a makeup base with a natural stone that is well unified with the skin or wear a natural style while taking care of the skin.

Thus, the disadvantages of mineral makeup are the following:

  • The coverage is more superficial. Therefore, before applying makeup, it is good that you hydrate your dermis. Also, this makes it a shorter-lasting makeup.
  • You have to pay close attention to its quality. The advantages mentioned above are given in quality mineral makeup because, in the product that does not have a minimum of quality, the powder is usually thicker and, among other problems, this can give an unwanted result in the coverage of the skin. . For example, coarse powder will make wrinkles more noticeable instead of smoothing them out.
  • The best result of a mineral makeup base will always be using a brush, so it does not usually give outstanding results if you use only your fingers or the sponge. Therefore, we can point out as a drawback that the mineral base can only be applied well with a brush.
  • Although it may seem like it, by itself, it is not a treatment for oily skin. It helps to improve oily skin, and while makeup is applied, it prevents shine, but it will not eliminate the problem.
  • The price of quality mineral makeup can be high, depending not only on the quality but also on the brand. Actually, it happens as in the conventional one, and there are brands of this more expensive than the mineral and vice versa.
  • It is a product made with natural raw materials, and without using chemicals for its formula does not necessarily mean that it is an ecological or high-quality product. These two aspects depend entirely on the brand that manufactures them, so some companies comply with producing quality mineral makeup and in the most respectful way possible with the environment. In contrast, others only comply with quality or none at all, of the two aspects.

You have to find out about the quality of a company’s products and the process they follow to obtain the final product if these are concerns that we have. In stores specialized in natural beauty, such as beauty centers that opt ​​for natural treatments, you can ask for the best brands of natural makeup and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Advantages and disadvantages of mineral makeup

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