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10 grandma’s remedies for a green beauty

Many of the homemade tricks that we know we owe to our mothers and grandmothers, also when it comes to personal care. And it is that, although most likely we have not noticed it, a green beauty can be achieved by drawing on family tradition.

The wisdom of our elders, in fact, not only helps us to lead a more sustainable and thrifty lifestyle in matters such as cleaning the house or alleviating any discomfort. They provide us with eco-friendly cosmetics that avoid us spending on expensive products that also cost the planet and, on many occasions, our health. Keep reading this AgroCorrn article to learn 10 grandma’s remedies for a green beauty .

  1. Grandma’s remedies
  2. Uncomplicated natural beauty
  3. Eco-friendly home tricks

Grandma’s remedies

If we rewind a bit we will realize how much we have learned from our grandmother’s remedies in order to have shinier hair, achieve smooth skin or, for example, to make a natural make-up remover without resorting to traditional cosmetics.

The advantages? One of the main advantages is precisely this, to dispense with the potentially harmful chemical cocktails that are included in the composition of cosmetics, as well as save a good little money, reduce waste and significantly reduce the carbon footprint.

Uncomplicated natural beauty

Our grandmothers also received beauty tips of their own, and this is how these practical knowledge to be more beautiful without spending money has been transmitted to us. Now, however, those granny tricks are easy to find, we have them in one click, and we can share them, as we do in this post.

They are simple but effective tricks , of natural beauty, that help us improve our image and feel healthy. If we want them to be completely organic, we simply opt for organic products and, even better, grow them or buy them in the local market.

Eco-friendly home tricks

In this post we give you ten granny tricks to be more ecological when it comes to being more handsome and also supplying savings that will come in handy:

1. Soft and regenerated skin : Having softer ankles, knees and elbows, without roughness, is easy by passing a pumice stone or a natural exfoliator such as brown sugar, and then a lemon half, insisting on the roughest areas. Either we immerse our hands in a plate or I have extra virgin olive oil (ideally, also organic) for a few minutes, and the effects will be more intense if we apply it before sleeping and then sleep with cotton gloves on, without removing it.

2. Stronger hair : Nature provides us with endless fruits and other suitable foods to nourish hair. Mixing honey, banana, yogurt and a drizzle of olive, coconut or argan oil is the hand of a saint to strengthen our hair. We apply for a quarter of an hour and wash the hair as usual. There are many recipes that work, and it is key to experiment until we find the one that best suits us.

3. Brighter and more hydrated hair : In addition to the aforementioned masks, protecting your hair by gathering it up and covering it with scarves or hats, let’s say, will help more than trying to remedy the ravages of harmful sun exposure. For shine, nothing like adding apple cider vinegar to the last rinse.

4. Dry hair wash and more volume : Instead of systematically pulling gummies, we can apply talcum powder (there are organic ones) at the root of the hair to add volume, taking care not to reach the scalp to avoid drying . In emergency situations we can also sprinkle talcum powder from the very root of the hair and after a few minutes remove it to improve the appearance of the hair. We will win in cleaning and volume.

5. Natural exfoliant : Natural exfoliation can be achieved by mixing sugar, salt and lemon or, for example, crushed lentils with a little honey and it even turns out to use coffee grounds. We can apply it to the body and face, avoiding excessively abrasive preparations on the face.

6. Toned skin : Natural tonics are also easy to prepare. They serve from lettuce leaves boiled for a few minutes until we get an infusion that we will apply with a cotton ball, to apple cider vinegar reduced with water to homemade rose water or, if we prefer, we make a paste with different herbs or suitable flower petals for this use and apply it as a mask.

7. Eliminate the smell of fish from your hands : Because taking care of your personal image also means avoiding bad smells, when handling fish, ending the stench is as easy as rubbing them with a mixture of salt, vinegar and citrus fruits.

8. A relaxing or revitalizing bath : If we need to charge the batteries or just the opposite, relax, let’s take advantage of the properties of the plants to add to the bath water. Rosemary, thyme, chamomile, mint … Let’s use fresh or dried leaves, in which case grinding them will increase the effect.

9. Natural make-up remover : The milk applied with a cotton ball or in the form of compresses, like a mask, helps to hydrate the skin and to regenerate it. It even helps us as a natural make-up remover, as long as we don’t demand too much of it and, for example, we wear waterproof make-up.

10. Bags under the eyes : To improve the annoying bags under the eyes following the grandmother’s remedies is to avoid alcohol and salty foods in our diet, and we will also reduce the area by applying cold: serve from a bag of peas or corn frozen to a gel-filled mask that we will have previously placed in the freezer. It also works to apply a compress with chamomile water to decongest and, at bedtime, never without a pillow.

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