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Effective solution in the elimination of humidity by Dr. Juan Viñas and daughter

Do you have humidity problems at home ? Dr. Juan Alberto Viñas and his daughter María del Mar Viñas also had them in their family home in a town in Espolla, Girona. Luckily, they managed to kill it through a method they developed that turned out to be 4 times more effective than wireless electro-osmosis .

The Electro-Physical HS-221 system that you will find in Humitat-Stop allows you to solve any problem of humidity by capillarity and is now at your fingertips. Do you want to know what its advantages are, how it works and how to install it? So, keep reading this interesting AgroCorrn article.

The humidities by capillarity usually appear between the tiles, leaving a trail of saltpeter. If we have wooden parquet, the humidity will make it swell and deform. Stopping the humidity by implanting a waterproof layer under the floor, it is very expensive and the construction material ends up piercing it due to the weight.

Installing the HS-221 system on a continuous thick wall is a more effective and long-lasting solution to make the soil moisture disappear. Now, if the humidity is the result of the leakage of an aquifer or underground water channel a few centimeters from the ground, before proceeding to its drying, a solution must be applied to said filtration.

How and where is it installed?

Installation is very simple and will only take a few minutes. As its creators have on their website, just make two holes in the wall about 20 centimeters from the ground with the help of a 5mm drill and at a distance of 10 centimeters. Then you will have to place the supplied plugs, put two spikes and hang the HS-221.

Once the power supply is plugged in, a red LED will light to indicate that power is being drawn to it. When the LED turns green, it indicates that it has already started. To ensure the removal of moisture by capillary action , it is very important to check that the LEDs remain on.

Where to install this system will depend on each case. If the humidity is distributed throughout the house, whose plant is rectangular, it should be placed towards the middle of the longest wall in an area affected by humidity. If the humidity is concentrated in one area, the system will go to the main wall with capillary humidity.

Covering the equipment is very easy. A built-in wardrobe or box can be placed on top, as long as it is not metallic.

Main advantages of eliminating humidity by capillary action with the HS-221 Electro-Physical System

This system is distinguished by its effectiveness by reducing more than 60% of the problem of humidity by capillarity in a matter of a month. In addition, as we have already mentioned, it is easily installed without the need to do any works . In fact, if you know how to hang a painting, this will be quite similar.

The cost is lower than that of other classic solutions, which are also not as effective. Given its high potential and performance, it avoids diseases caused by humidity such as rheumatism, asthma or respiratory allergies. Likewise, it is not harmful to the health of people, animals or plants.

Take a look at their website and find out about this new, safe and reliable system. This patented method has multiple advantages: by eliminating the humidity that rises up the walls, evaporation from the surface is lower, drastically reducing humidity by condensation .

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