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Why start using coconut oil for our beauty

Much has been said about the benefits of virgin coconut oil, both in nutrition and to take care of our beauty. Leaving aside the first point, today we are going to see why it is beneficial to start using this oil to hydrate and beautify our hair and skin.

Once you know -and try first-hand- the benefits that virgin and organic coconut oil can bring you, you will not need to use a large number of cosmetics, beautifiers and moisturizers that are made with parabens, doses of Laureth sulfate, which come with a Very high carbon footprint (many well-known beauty brands are exported from countries such as France or the United States) and with materials that are harmful to the environment that are used in their packaging. Reducing is one of the keys to living green and that is why, when you discover the enormous advantages and possibilities of coconut oil, you will be able to use a single beauty product (natural, in addition) instead of many of them.

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  1. Make sure it is environmentally friendly and is produced within a few kilometers of us
  2. Benefits of coconut oil for beauty
  3. As a moisturizer for body and face
  4. To hydrate hair
  5. For nail care
  6. For acne and pores
  7. As a makeup remover

Make sure it is environmentally friendly and is produced within a few kilometers of us

Like everything else, before choosing which coconut oil to buy, we will choose a totally virgin and natural one; that is, no creams or shampoo with coconut oil extract or similar, it has to be the same product that comes from the fruit, without any additive.

In addition, we will choose one whose coconuts have been treated and grown in a totally ecological way and without the use of chemicals, to obtain a better product and contribute to the environment. Make sure it comes with its convenient organic certificate.

We also need to know where it has been produced to minimize its carbon footprint. If we buy one that was imported from China, we are buying, in the end, a not very ecological product. Get one produced in your area.

Benefits of coconut oil for beauty

Leaving aside the advantages that this product offers us for our health if we take it daily, something that we will address in another post, many are the women who use coconut oil daily to enhance their beauty and the truth is that, from experience own, I can say that the results are very good.

As a moisturizer for body and face

One of them is its undeniable ability to hydrate both the body and the face. This natural product is able to hydrate our clean skin and leave it soft and with a natural coconut aroma that is neither strong nor lasts for many hours. It is one of the best natural moisturizers that we can find for skin care. Start trying it now and replace it with moisturizers based on water and full of chemical compounds that leave a strange layer on the skin.

On the skin of the face it also gives a very pleasant effect. Apply a few drops of coconut oil on a clean or freshly exfoliated face, giving a small massage. Be careful with the eyelids because if it reaches the lower part of the eyelashes it can bother us for a few minutes. The sensation is of lasting freshness and softness, much better than the usual creams and leaves a very flattering illuminating look.

To hydrate hair

The fatty acids in coconut oil help hydrate your hair , keep it soft and give it shine. In addition, experts say that coconut oil has a high restorative capacity.

To do this, it is best to apply it with wet hair but before washing your hair, letting it act for a few minutes. There are people who use it as a cream after washing, because they say that it enhances shine and likes the natural aroma that it leaves on their hair, but whether you like this effect or not will depend on the type of hair you have. In my opinion, if we apply a large amount of coconut oil and do not lighten it, and if our hair is oily, the hair will look too oily and the final tone will be much darker than usual.

For nail care

For both the hands and the feet, we can use coconut oil as a moisturizer and as a repairer . Wash your hands well and apply a little coconut oil to your cuticles and the entire nail and hand area every night (it also works as a hand cream) and you will see how the result is visible in a few days.

For acne and pores

We all know that enlarged pores (which can also cause uncomfortable blackheads) are not aesthetically pretty, and you’ve probably ever bought a pore-reducing product. Coconut oil also attacks this problem in a natural and ecological way and you will see how these pores will immediately be replaced by a natural shine and a uniform appearance on your face. All you have to do is wash your face and apply the oil once or twice a day.

Likewise, virgin coconut oil has been shown to contain anti-acne properties, so before buying the umpteenth brand of this type of product at the pharmacy, try this natural oil and you will see the improvement.

As a makeup remover

It is perfect as a make- up remover for several reasons: first because the make-up removers that we usually use are usually chemical products that, in the long run, damage our skin and second because, in this way, we will be hydrating as well as removing make-up. All you have to do is place a few drops of coconut oil on a cotton pad and rub it all over your face, especially the eyes or makeup areas .

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