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5 cosmetic uses of coconut oil

Coconut oil is a great ally of natural beauty. Especially when, in addition to opting for this natural product, we choose its organic version, the one from coconuts grown in a controlled and sustainable biological environment. Organic coconut oil is obtained from its pulps, simply after pressing them shortly after harvesting them.

When it comes to betting on green beauty, it is not only helpful to use natural products without additives. In the case of organic coconut oil, it will have a great biological value that will differentiate it from the one that is not, which means that it will be unbleached, unrefined and undeodorized, so it will be richer in essential vitamins and minerals. Of course, as long as we keep it at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

As a cooking oil it is very versatile, but as a beauty treatment it also has endless uses. In this post we will see five of them and we will also discover their effectiveness as an aid to protect and hydrate the hair and skin, both the skin and the rest of the body.

For practical purposes, it should be kept in a closed container at room temperature. If we want to use it solidified, we will have to keep it at a temperature lower than 24 degrees Celsius, that is, in a cool place, preferably without resorting to the refrigerator. Here are 5 cosmetic uses of coconut oil as a beauty product, although there are many more, and at any moment we can discover a new use.

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  1. Body oil
  2. Protector of delicate areas
  3. Smooth and hydrated hair
  4. Make-up remover
  5. Body scrub

Body oil

Coconut oil can be used as a nourishing skin cream . It is unctuous, so it could be a bit annoying if we do not wait long enough until it is absorbed, if possible massaging the area to speed up the process. Or, for example, let’s apply it in the shower and rinse after or just after leaving the bathroom, so that the temperature of the skin will keep the pores more open and it will be absorbed sooner. Finally, it is also interesting as a massage oil . It even accepts a few drops of essential oils to enhance its effects and choose a scent that is pleasant to us.

Protector of delicate areas

The delicate areas, especially those of the face, such as the lips, the eye contour need extra care. Coconut oil helps us keep both areas hydrated and protected . It will be enough with a few drops to achieve the ideal humidification. It’s that simple to prevent wrinkles around the eyes, puffiness and dark circles like chapped lips.

Its softness makes it ideal for delicate areas. Before applying to the eyes, warm it by rubbing it between your fingers. On the other hand, it will help us to strengthen the nails, as it strengthens the delicate skin of the cuticle. In all cases, evidence is needed to see results.

Smooth and hydrated hair

Its greasy composition makes coconut oil a very effective natural product to hydrate hair. We will achieve great results to prevent split ends and extremely dry hair , but we must be careful to apply it near the root if we do not want to lose volume. Its weight will make it more difficult for the hair to be voluminous, but applied to the half ends we will achieve a spectacular shine.

If we apply it with dry hair, it will be of great help to protect it from drying out caused by the wind and the sun. It is ideal to apply on the beach, as being biodegradable, bathing will not be an environmental problem. And, in the same way, we can give it a use of mask or condition before or after the shower or bath.

Applied after shampooing, leaving it to act for five or ten minutes, we will achieve a more intense effect that will help us to smooth the hair later. On curly hair the smoothing effect will be easier to achieve by applying it later, once dry, while we comb it with the dryer or let it dry in the open air, combing with a round brush.

Make-up remover

Surprising, but true: coconut oil also works as a makeup remover . May not work with long-lasting or waterproof makeup products. In general, however, it could be a great help to remove makeup. To achieve the best results, apply the warm oil soaked in a cotton ball, and finally rinse with warm water.

Body scrub

There are endless homemade formulas to make our own body scrub in which coconut oil would be a ten ingredient. Specifically, it will combine with ingredients that help to perform abrasion, such as ground rice, ground coffee, ground lentils, fine or coarse salt, white sugar, brown sugar or any other that fulfills the function of eliminating the superficial layers of the skin .

Therefore, it will be enough to combine two ingredients, and one of them is coconut oil, preferably in its solid state. As soon as we begin to spread the mixture we will observe that the oil melts and softens the skin, so the exfoliation will be less aggressive.

The ratio is half a cup of coconut oil and a handful of sugar, salt, or any other exfoliating ingredient. An easy way to get a scrub for the face or the rest of the body (especially elbows, heels and knees) with products that we all have in the pantry, without further complications. The result will be glowing skin, free of dead cells and very smooth. If we wish, add a few drops of our favorite essential oil and the skin will also be subtly scented.

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