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How to hide dark circles with totally natural remedies

One of the first steps to start, from today, to lead a more respectful life with the environment is trying to eliminate the use of chemicals in our daily lives. In household cleaning products and in other areas, such as cosmetics or beauty supplies .

Therefore, there are a series of practical tips that, with totally natural and chemical-free products, will give us the result we are looking for to be more attractive or attractive.

Specifically, today we share recommendations to alleviate or eliminate the unsightly grooves that sometimes form under the eyes. The good news that we bring you today is the following: this aesthetic problem can be solved in most cases with comfortable and simple totally natural remedies!

  1. What are dark circles
  2. Causes of the formation of dark circles and bags
  3. Habits that will make us have less dark circles
  4. Ice reduces puffiness and dark circles
  5. The miraculous cucumber
  6. Treatment with potato slices
  7. Chamomile or tea, to remove dark color
  8. Almond or coconut oil every night
  9. Facial massages or self-massages
  10. Lemon juice, for whitening

What are dark circles

Dark circles are grooves that appear under the eyes for various factors. Many people have them, fixed or temporary , and they don’t have to always be caused by lack of sleep. They appear because the skin around the eye is the most fragile and thin that we have in the body. It is five times thinner than the rest of the face, which in turn is five times thinner than the body. This means that we have to take care of it with care and very well and for this, the natural elements and Mother Nature herself will be of great help.

Causes of the formation of dark circles and bags

Although both appear in the same area and share that they have the peculiarity of making a face very ugly (and giving a feeling of fatigue), dark circles and bags are not the same thing, nor do they have to have the same causes, so their The way to treat them will not be identical.

The first cause is the hereditary factor . These are the most annoying, because we have them over time even though our habits are the healthiest. Over the years and with the lack of sleep, they increase, but we already had them “standard”. If your ancestors have them, it is probably the cause of yours. Although they can be unsightly, they are not a symbol of poor health, dark circles are rarely related to serious diseases, although they are related to fatigue.

Spaniards and, in general, the Mediterranean race , are more prone to developing dark circles due to our genetic pigmentation. These dark circles are more permanent over time and, although there are tricks to hide them, it is difficult to make them disappear completely, but we can greatly improve them with these natural methods.

Another cause is lack of sleep. If we have slept little, if we went out to party the night before or suffer from insomnia, it is normal for the mirror to show us a haggard and bruised face the next morning. But we can also make them disappear or hide them easily. No more going to work looking tired after a night of staying up later than we should have! If we have not slept well, this sensitive skin swells up and little sleep makes the blood vessels dilate, making them darker and ugly.

They can also appear due to having unhealthy habits. For example, after a night of alcohol, poor diet and tobacco. Or due to lack of water or hydration in your daily life.

Women can also suffer them if we have menstruation and when we are pregnant. Another relatively common cause is that they appear due to some type of allergy that causes the vessels around the eyes to dilate. In these cases, once we alleviate the symptoms of allergies, the dark circles will also disappear.

As we get older, our skin becomes thinner so inevitably our dark circles will be larger. But taking care of yourself and being handsome is not at odds with age.

Finally, dark circles can be caused by certain diseases , so if large dark circles have suddenly appeared and you feel weak, it would not hurt to consult a doctor. Anemia or lack of iron helps make them look darker.

Habits that will make us have less dark circles

If we want to have a fresh and healthy face , we will need to adopt healthier habits, which will also reduce dark circles. This is: drinking plenty of water, limiting the intake of alcohol and tobacco (which ages the most, in general), cleaning the skin of our face every night (even when we have not put on makeup. It is common for cotton to come out dirty due to the pollution of cities), exercise, sleep well, avoid activities that cause stress, sleep on your back so that the blood circulates better …

In general, lead a healthier life. In the case of bags caused by fluid retention, try not to eat a lot of salt which, as you know, helps retain fluids and will result in more swollen and visible bags.

Once we take all this into account, we can start using our miraculous natural remedies that do not harm the environment and will help us reduce uncomfortable dark circles.

Ice reduces puffiness and dark circles

The cold is very effective in reducing the swelling of the eyes , especially for those dark circles that appear after a sleepless night, although we can also adopt it as a long-term treatment. Low temperatures will help reduce blood vessel inflammation. As we do when an arm hurts, we can wrap ice in a cloth and place it under our eyes at half-minute intervals, until it reduces. However, there are already cold masks that give very good results . Next time you wake up with huge furrows under your eyes, try this emergency measure and see what a change.

The miraculous cucumber

There are no scientific studies that say that cucumber is one of the best remedies for dark circles, but it works for many people and it is true that this vegetable has generally very beneficial properties for the skin. It is very decongestant and immediately provides great relief on the skin, as well as a positive effect on dark circles. The vitamins in cucumber improve pigmentation and help remove wrinkles. Ideally, the cucumber that you put on the eye contour is cold, from the refrigerator (so it will act like ice).

There are specialists who say that if we spend 10 minutes lying down with cucumber slices under our eyes every morning, we will see an improvement in a short time. A very natural and very inexpensive remedy . Also, remember that 90% of the cucumber is water and that will make your skin much more hydrated.

Treatment with potato slices

If you have a little time, you want to relax and think that now is the time to start reducing the dark circles , grab a potato cold from the refrigerator and cut into slices. Like the cucumber, you should put it on your closed eyes for a while. When the potato slice is already hot, change for a cold one, like this until it is finished. These tubers also have beneficial properties for this delicate part of our body.

The slices of green apple also work as a remedy.

Chamomile or tea, to remove dark color

Next time give us an infusion of chamomile , no longer will throw the discs, but use them to put on well – drained eyes. We can also use a cotton ball and pour a tablespoon of the infusion on it, if it is more comfortable for us. Try to leave the chamomile on as long as you can and repeat the process 3-4 times a week to lighten the dark color of your dark circles.

There is another solution even simpler and more pleasant : cold tea bags, for that of taking advantage of the decongestant power of the cold. Keep your used tea bags in a small tupper in the fridge and, every night before going to bed, put them over your closed eyes for at least 10 or 15 minutes. The properties of the tea combined with the cold will result in concealed dark circles.

Almond or coconut oil every night

Experts say that both sweet almonds and coconut help minimize bags and dark circles. Buy them totally natural and apply a little bit every night just before going to sleep, cleaning afterwards with lukewarm water. In two weeks, your dark circles and bags will be much less visible and may disappear (depending on what type they are)

What’s more, combining the two will achieve a super effect.

If we want to start using this remedy now and we do not have any of these oils on hand, we can try virgin olive oil, since it is also very moisturizing and also offers us a 2-in-1 solution, since it also helps to combat the wrinkles.

Another product that works is aloe vera (natural, not cream)

Facial massages or self-massages

With any of the named products , such as almond oil, or with a totally natural eye contour, you can perform facial massages yourself that will give health and light to your face and will eliminate dark circles. If you have the possibility, get someone to do it for you for a little while each night, to get you to relax more, although you can also do it yourself.

Orbicular massages are those that are given on the muscles that surround the eye, although it would not hurt to combine them with a full facial massage . The feeling is very pleasant and your face will look younger and more cared for. There are many types of orbicular massages, but the simplest is:

  • Press that area with your palms, sliding your hands toward your temples.
  • Using your index, middle, and ring fingers, dab around the eye area. This will make the blood circulate better.
  • With the thumbs, we will give circular massages on the temples.

Also, facial gymnastics will help strengthen the muscles in the area. It is a series of movements that will make our muscles stronger through a series of routines that we will do daily. One of them can be to put our index fingers on the temples and close the eyelids for 10 seconds in five or ten intervals.

Lemon juice, for whitening

Ecologíaverde readers already know that lemon is that great fruit with a whitening effect, which will also help us for dark circles under the eyes. We just have to put a few drops of this juice on a cotton ball and apply it to the eyes, leaving it, as always, for about ten minutes. We recommend that you combine it with a few drops of olive oil for a smoother and softer skin.

These remedies will manage to end dark circles or, at least, hide them. Find the one you like best and the one that gives you the best solution, depending on your problem -or try several- and remember that it is possible to be attractive without leaving natural products.

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