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The thousand and one ecological uses of vinegar

Vinegar is a great little treasure for so many ecological uses that it is really difficult to have a closed list. No matter how long it was, there would always be new applications to add.

Sooner or later, new needs would arise and, with them, many other solutions provided by this almost miraculous natural product , which is also an interesting ecological alternative due to its double quality of accessible and affordable.

Even focusing on its use in the home, be it for domestic hygiene, cooking, gardening, personal care or cosmetics, it can be said without hesitation that the possibilities are almost endless. In this post we are going to review some of its main home uses. From them, we bet that inspiration will not take long to arrive and you will be able to give it uses that you may not even imagine now.

  1. Why the vinegar?
  2. What is vinegar?
  3. Vinegar for cleaning
  4. Uses in the garden
  5. Vinegar cosmetics
  6. Healthy nutrition
  7. More tricks for using vinegar

Why the vinegar?

Besides being a product that does not pollute, it is not dangerous for health and we can use it for so many things that it can really be considered a multifunction product.

The secret of its effectiveness is none other than a molecule known as acetic acid , obtained through the fermentation of alcohol, which ends up turning into vinegar thanks to the intervention of microorganisms known as acetobacteria.

What is vinegar?

As their name suggests, they are bacteria that convert alcohol into acetic acid as part of their biological process . In this way, a reaction that we know as fermentation is achieved to, finally, dilute the result in water and market it as vinegar.

In the case of apple cider vinegar, it is extracted from the fermentation of the cider, while the wine vinegar requires it to obtain it. Therefore, the more organic the raw material, the more environmentally friendly the product will be. In all cases, it is biodegradable, but it is also true that vinegars from organic farming will be biodegradable to a greater extent.

Vinegar for cleaning

Always having a bottle of vinegar diluted in water on hand is an easy and inexpensive way to have an all-purpose cleaner. Go ahead, vinegar is corrosive, so the strength of the mixture can be decisive so as not to cause problems on the different surfaces. In any case, if we doubt, let’s apply a small amount in a discreet place and observe the effect.

Likewise, if we want to soften its strong smell, let it marinate with citrus peels or, as a more practical solution, apply it in a ventilated place if we want to get rid of its characteristic smell quickly. Since it is a substance that evaporates, after a few minutes it will stop smelling, without further complications.

It is also very effective to mix the vinegar diluted with other organic products, such as baking soda or, if we want soap with grated a soap or other type lizard also biodegradable. If we want to add essential oils, the lemon one could be interesting, and a few drops will suffice.

At the time of applying it, we will shake previously. It will not be very useful to disinfect, degrease and, in general, to achieve safe domestic hygiene for our health and the environment. Its power to sanitize has nothing to envy to the formulas that are marketed, so on that side we can also be calm.

Let’s apply it in isolation or together with the dishwasher, or even adding it to the laundry to reduce the chalky effect and improve the effect of the fabric softener, let’s say. Or, put to recycling, let’s get a used toothbrush and, after boiling it in water for a quarter of an hour, we will have it ready to be the perfect ally of vinegar , and eliminate dirt and lime wherever it occurs.

Uses in the garden

If we want to eliminate weeds, vinegar can help us achieve this without the need to use chemical herbicides. Or, for example, it will be very useful to us to kill type insects. To do this, let’s spray the plant with a mixture of vinegar , water and three tablespoons of coffee grounds, applying once a week.

Vinegar cosmetics

The antifungal and disinfectant properties of vinegar can also be used for skin care. Properly diluted, it is not aggressive, and can help heal skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

It is highly recommended for combination or oily skin, as it also helps to close pores and diluted with spring water can become a very interesting cosmetic to improve the appearance of oily or irritated skin. Hair, on the other hand, can acquire a lot of shine if we apply it in the last rinse, and its balancing power also helps to keep the scalp in good condition.

Healthy nutrition

Finally, vinegar is rich in flavonoids (antioxidants that are very beneficial for health), vitamins and minerals. If we talk about apple cider vinegar , it will have properties similar to those found in this fruit or, if it is wine vinegar, those of the grape.

After all, they are produced from them, although the process alters them. Answering a question that you are probably asking yourself, its acidity does not acidify the body. Quite the contrary, they are alkalizing foods. Along with its antioxidant qualities, it controls free radicals, detoxifies, and improves digestion, among other benefits.

More tricks for using vinegar

Add two thirds of vinegar and one third of water to a bowl and boil for two minutes in the microwave to disinfect it. Or let’s do the same in the oven using a container suitable for reaching high temperatures . And, as the most helpful method, let’s take a sponge soaked in vinegar and water (baking soda and lemon juice will also help) to sanitize the inside of the refrigerator, microwave or any other room or surface that needs it. Of course, always unplugging before cleaning.

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