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Original and practical uses of eggshells

Eggshells are a daily waste that we can save from the trash by giving them endless practical and creative uses . And it is that if its content feeds, its shells do not less, be it the imagination, our plants or the pocket.

In this post we give you ideas that may be interesting at any given time. Since eggs are a staple in the diet of many people, your thing is to know the more possibilities to reuse or recycle it, the better.

Only then can we prevent them from ending up in the trash most of the time. In addition, we tell you some tricks to avoid the bacteria that accumulate in the shell or, at least, minimize its effects when the egg is raw thanks to the use we give it.

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  1. Some tips and tricks
  2. Creative art
  3. Practical decoration
  4. More practical and unexpected uses
  5. Eco gardening
  6. Egg composting

Some tips and tricks

First of all, therefore, let’s keep in mind that cooked eggs are the safest in terms of health . After boiling them we will have eliminated a good part of these, so when using them for any craft it is better that they are not raw.

Likewise, they will be very practical converted into powder and stored in a glass jar, let’s say, so that we will have it ready to use in one or other uses. Or, for example, save them keeping their shape, chop them up and save them to accumulate the amount we need for a specific project.

However, there would be no problem with throwing them as is in the compost pile previously crumbled or with grinding or crushing them into a fine powder to use in the garden, as we explain in this post.

As a last trick, it will be easy to grind it into a powder using a coffee grinder, and if you do it with the raw husks, let’s not forget to clean it thoroughly afterwards. Not surprisingly, the peel concentrates numerous bacteria, so it is not advisable to wash them either, since their porous surface introduces dirt inside.

Creative art

Make ornaments with shells of egg is a challenge to the imagination, but when they were satisfied with the results every effort will be worthwhile.

The shells give a lot of play whole or almost whole, but the pieces also make wonderful collages. Christmas decorations, garlands for a small party or to create our own pet, let’s say.

The little ones will have a great time making crafts with this material , to which we can add other ecological ones, such as magazine clippings, used wrapping paper, old scraps or any other object that we want to give another life to.

Practical decoration

When the craft or small large work of art is decorative and has a practical use, the result can be, for example, mini pots in which to grow aromatic herbs.

The quantity will be small, but perhaps enough to be seasoning the dishes from time to time. As can be seen in the image, the herbs are as nice as a doll’s wig no less funny.

Turning the eggs into small colored candles is also a nice idea. For this, in addition to including a wick and adding the wax, we can color the shells while we boil them, as is usually done in Easter season.

There are natural colorants that are very easy to apply that will help us to achieve a collection of micro candles of different colors, such as onion, red fruits, pomegranate or, for example, saffron.

In addition, they are very decorative, actually more aesthetic than functional, but there is no problem in being able to use them as such, always taking care for their short combustion period.

More practical and unexpected uses

As long as the egg has been boiled , applying the membrane of the eggshell that adheres to it can speed the healing of a small cut or scratch.

The boiled husks can also be your “secret” ingredient so that the coffee does not turn out to be bitter. To do this, simply add them to the coffee when you do it, being careful to add them in a good size so that they can be easily removed before serving.

After freezing, finally, put them in the mincer or blender along with a little water and start the appliance to sharpen the blades.

Eco gardening

Eggshells are especially practical in agriculture and gardening, and a great ally to carry them out in an ecological way.

When it comes to driving away ants or snails, among other insects, surrounding the plants with shells will be effective, although we will have to be aware of renewing it from time to time.

It also helps us to mineralize the soil, applied directly as a powder. Being rich in calcium, the and other minerals can be suitable for poor lands in them, so we must first inform ourselves.

Or, why not, let’s take advantage of the same egg cups and add a seed to each half shell filled with soil and wait for it to sprout. In these funny little pots our seedlings can germinate, until the moment of transplanting to the final place arrives.

Egg composting

Regarding their use in composting , they can be added chopped or powdered to the compost pile, even if it includes worms.

A recent finding by a group of scientists from the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra (FCTUC), in Portugal, successfully completed an experiment in which they converted a mixture of eggs and rice shells into a soil cleaner. , potato skins and weeds.

His research managed to show that this particular compost not only enriched land polluted by heavy metals, but also helped to decontaminate it.

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