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Ideas for recycling plastic bottles

Recycling plastic bottles tends to be highly creative but, above all, it is almost always extremely practical. Source of creativity and inspiration, simple plastic bottles can become toys, flowerpots, decorative objects, vertical gardens, purses, gift boxes and even a feeder for wild birds.

Whether made of more or less hard plastic, white, transparent, greenish or of any other color, plastic bottles have great possibilities of reuse with easy recycling. In AgroCorrn we are going to discover ideas to recycle plastic bottles , do you dare to know them?

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Flowerpots and gardens

Indeed, without complications of any kind we can turn a bottle into a flowerpot , for example by cutting it in half. Either of its two halves is used to plant a small plant, although the upper part will be difficult to support, so it will hang perfectly on the wall. If we prefer, it is possible to keep the entire bottle and make a small window in the central part, being able to rest it on a flat surface such as the floor or a shelf or, why not, hang it from the ceiling or the wall along with many others and build a nice vertical garden.

very original recycling consists of taking advantage of the upper half or the entire bottle to achieve a self -watering system . To do this, we will fill the bottle with water and cover the mouth with the same perforated stopper or with a stone and cotton cloth held with a rubber, to finally bury it slightly inclined near the roots in a conventional or, why not, recycled pot with plastic bottles.

If we do not want the bottle to disturb the pot, another option is to insert a string in a bottle full of water and make it reach the ground so that the plant absorbs the water it needs. And, in any case, whenever we use a plastic bottle or other materials to convert them into a pot, we must not forget to make holes so that it can drain and the roots do not end up rotting.

The perforated hard plastic bottles and then applied to the mouth of the hose, holding them tightly, if possible with adhesive tape that resists water allows us to obtain a homemade but very effective sprinkler irrigation mechanism.

A world of possibilities

On many occasions, hard plastic bottles allow for better results than typical mineral water bottles, let’s say. If they are transparent, cutting them keeping a good part of their capacity or only their base makes them perfect organizers for objects or food , such as vegetables, pasta, buttons, coins, keys and a host of little things. If we wish, the top can serve as a lid.

Joining two bases with a zipper we will have an ideal purse to store things in a drawer or, if we decorate it by painting or gluing small ornaments, etc., they will be a fun and original ornament that will look great on a shelf, desk or, why not, in the bag, so that we can take it with us and give it a practical use.

If we dare, plastic bottles are a great raw material to make ornaments, from flowers to geometric shapes or hearts, for example. Giving them life will depend on the ideas we have. How about playing with colors, glitter, paint, cutting them in a spiral, using markers to draw little eyes or collecting colored caps to create ceiling decorations …?

Turning bottles into toys is a difficult challenge that we can overcome with flying colors by starting our imagination. The caps can be wheels, bottles trucks or terrifyingly funny monsters. Each bottle, its color, shape, size … will inspire us with a type of toy. Let’s be creative and only with that we will have managed to carry out a playful activity. Also, the results will be great, for sure. More ugly or prettier, if they serve to play, they will have more than met their objective.

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