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Benefits that you did not know about a biodigester

If you wonder what a biodigester is and what its benefits are, then in this AgroCorrn article we will tell you all about the Rotoplas Self-Cleaning Biodigester.

The Rotoplas Biodigestor is an innovative system for the primary treatment of black and gray water for its discharge to the ground (absorption or infiltration well) or drainage. It can be used in houses or industries, either in a rural or urban context. If you want to know more about this product to treat water, keep reading and discover everything about the benefits of a biodigester in these lines.

Reasons to decide on a Rotoplas Biodigestor

These reasons are some of the main reasons to decide on a Rotoplas Biodigestor, as they are some of the benefits that differentiate it:

  • Ecological: inside, the Biodigester performs an internal anaerobic treatment that increases the efficiency of cleaning the water, it does not require electricity for its operation or any chemical product to treat the water.
  • Tough: This product has been manufactured with 100% virgin HDPE in one piece, this is high density polyethylene. It is achieved in capacities of 600, 1300, 3000, 7000 liters.
  • Efficient – Includes a patented self-cleaning sludge purge system. So no special equipment is needed.

8 advantages of the Rotoplas Biodigestor

Among the advantages or benefits of a Rotoplas Biodigestor , these 8 stand out:

  1. Super practical. Its performance is superior to that of a septic tank because it performs a primary treatment of wastewater (anaerobic process).
  2. Avoid water pollution. The Rotoplas Biodigestor prevents contamination of the water table by treating the sewage before being returned to them. Take care of the environment and prevent water pollution .
  3. Replace drain service. The Rotoplas Biodigestor can be installed in homes that do not have a drainage service and is used to treat domestic wastewater.
  4. Includes a self-cleaning system. This product manufactured and distributed by Rotoplas includes a self-cleaning system, which with just opening a key extracts the residual sludge without the need to use specialized equipment for its extraction.
  5. It is easy to maintain. The Rotoplas Biodigester does not require electromechanical equipment such as a pump or desilin truck for its maintenance, eliminating additional costs for the user.
  6. It has a compact and safe design. It is airtight, built in one piece to prevent leaks and cracks. It is light and strong offering high resistance to impacts and corrosion.
  7. It is certified by official bodies. The Self-Cleaning Biodigester complies with NOM-006-CONAGUA-1997 “Prefabricated septic tanks – specifications and test methods”.
  8. It sets a trend in wastewater treatment. The Rotoplas Biodigester has a safe and efficient system for the treatment of sewage. It can be applied in different areas, be it urban or rural, residential or industrial.

Innovation and avant-garde

One of the keys to the Rotoplas Biodigester is its innovative low-maintenance system . Traditional equipment offers complex desilting systems and requires professional help. In the case of the Rotoplas Biodigestor, this is not a problem. It does not require specialized labor or large machinery.

To maintain it, open the valve so that the accumulated and digested sludge flows into the sludge register. Once the purge is done, close the valve and keep it that way until the next maintenance.

Do not forget: do not reuse the treated water, it must be discharged to the ground (absorption well or infiltration ditch), using the recommendations indicated by NOM-006-CONAGUA-1997.

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