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Creative ideas for recycling broken dishes

If one or more dishes break, after the upset that this little domestic drama usually entails, we have to decide what to do with it. Throwing it away is the most common option, but if we want to bet on recycling, we have it almost as easy.

It is not a very common recycling, it is true, but it is enough to get the hang of it to make really beautiful or simply useful crafts. In this AgroCorrn post, we give you some creative ideas for recycling broken dishes. Thus, the next time a plate breaks, we will know what to do with it to save it from the trash.

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Decorate, make keychains, jewelry …

Let’s start with the easiest, that fateful moment in which a plate is broken that we are very fond of, either because it belongs to an old family tableware or, for example, because it is the plate of our childhood. In these situations, if rebuilding it is easy, an interesting option is to do it, without more. That is, to paste it carefully and remove it from the kitchen. Once recomposed, the plate will become a decorative element that we will hang on the wall, next to other plates or on a table or shelf, supported by a support. Its sentimental value will make it a wonderful decoration element in our eyes.

Dishes that break only at the edge, slightly, but enough to be discarded, can also be used for garnish. It will be easy to restore them with a white putty , and they will also be useful for the garden, as we will see in the next section.

The collage or mosaic , on the other hand, is a star technique for recycling dishes , either ceramic or glass. In the first place, we have to have small, uneven pieces, with which to decorate surfaces, as large as the material we have. We will have perfect objects such as flowerpots, mirror frames, tables, walls … And it is also possible to add pieces of ceramics or glass from other pieces of tableware (cups, teapots, trays, decorative objects, etc.), so no They must necessarily be dishes, since we previously cut the objects into pieces.

The result is beautiful, and his technique is very simple. Basically, we have to glue the fragments that we have previously achieved, either using special tools to cut them or covering the pieces with a cloth and hammering together until we get all these pieces that we need. Let’s try to make the pieces as flat as possible, and not too small.

Later, we organize the fragments to place them in an artistic or random way (putting them at random is also very good), playing with colors and shapes, and we adhere them with special glue for ceramics. We can also apply pastina, a paste that we will prepare with water to bind some pieces with others.

In the case of wanting to decorate a newly made work surface, let’s take advantage of the fact that the concrete or cement is tender to embed the pieces, avoiding that the corners are outwards for safety reasons. If the surface is not fresh, we simply apply the previous technique, although in exterior places a specific glue is needed.

If the pieces are decorated or, why not, they can be decorated, cutting pieces with a kind of special pliers or taking advantage of a piece that has a shape that we like, it is possible to make endless small objects. Simply, we will have to choose the shape, cut, sand if necessary, drill and turn it into a keychain, a necklace, some original and exclusive earrings. In addition, since they are usually small objects, they are very widespread and we can get a lot out of even the smallest dishes.

In the garden

Reuse and recycle broken dishes to decorate and improve the garden is very interesting. The mosaic technique can be ideal for covering walls, pillars, steps or the flowerpots themselves.

With complete broken plates or cut in half it is possible to surround a series of plants , dipping them in the earth to separate areas or simply to decorate.

And, if the plate breaks into a thousand pieces, or we break it ourselves, it is also useful to improve the drainage of the plants , instead of the typical gravel. Finally, a plate serves as a roof for a bird feeder.

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