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10 ecological packaging full of originality

The industry of the packaging is revolutionizing their designs in very different ways, and ecological area has become one of the trends important . It does not take much explanation to understand why green is in fashion, especially considering the greater awareness that exists about the environmental deterioration that we suffer.

On the other hand, the network is an ideal space to spread original designs , as well as to achieve their virality in those that make the internet burn. In this post we are going to review 10 ecological packaging that is as original as it is innovative.

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  1. The need for eco packaging
  2. Ooho as an alternative to PET
  3. Cardboard boxes
  4. Food trays
  5. Edible hamburger paper
  6. Edible JFK glass
  7. Eco packaging for eggs
  8. Bag and hanger, two in one
  9. The Clever Little Bag
  10. Air Max sneakers with air wrap
  11. Container for Air Max with milk jugs

The need for eco packaging

Beyond how impressive ecological packaging can be, and the business it may represent, are the ecological figures . Those that do not talk about money, but about sustainability, efficiency and, finally, less pollution and environmental impact.

In turn, the designs have multiple advantages. To give an example, among the packaging included in this post we find edible cups and paper, ideal at the marketing level, as well as to avoid waste, while adding a nutritional bonus to the purchase.

Although dispensing with packaging is the best option from an ecological approach , it is not always possible to do so, either due to social inertia or as a matter of practical convenience, related to the product itself. Be that as it may, the evolution of packaging towards efficiency and ecology adds green points, an achievement in this world so much in need of this type of initiative.

Ooho as an alternative to PET

Ooho is the name of this revolutionary invention . It is a transparent membrane that acts as a bottle, taking the form of a large drop of water that can be eaten and drunk at the same time. It is a design invented by three London design students.

Cardboard boxes

With bottles, boxes of cardboard are numerous designs seeking an ecological side white. These are designed by Henry Wang and Chhis Curro, two mechanical engineering students, whose goal was finally achieved with these boxes, named “Rapid Packing Container”.

They constitute an alternative to conventional boxes due to their lightness and quick assembly, point out their authors. They are kept closed without using tape, staples or other fasteners and the cardboard is recyclable as well as reusable.

Food trays

Polystyrene trays are used for the sale of fresh products as well as contaminants. However, they are very useful and find few alternatives. One of them, however, could end up retiring them.

Developed within the Traysrenew project, of the company Termoformas de Levante, a similar material is sought that has a low cost and is sustainable using raw materials such as flax and hemp.

Edible hamburger paper

The packaging foodstuffs can adopt such a fun way the paper wrapping burgers from a local fast food, specifically the Brazilian fast food chain Bob. On the one hand, the place saves paper, and on the other it is an incredible claim to attract customers, who do not even have to wait to remove the paper to sink their teeth.

Edible JFK glass

Following the same idea, the company The Robin Collective has created the Scoff-ee for the fast food chain KFC. As can be seen in the image, it is a cookie in the shape of a cup or, if you like, said the other way around.

Eco packaging for eggs

This original packaging for eggs uses less cardboard than conventional ones, thus saving raw materials. A very stylish green solution, proposed by the Hungarian designer Otília Andrea Erdelyi, which also reduces handling, since to check the good condition of the eggs (no breakage, etc.) you don’t need to touch the boxes. Therefore, fewer eggs are broken , making production more efficient.

Bag and hanger, two in one

The H + Bag is both a hanger and a bag. It is made from recycled paper and can be reused multiple times. Its advantage is both in its practical aspect and in the saving of paper it represents and, for the same reason, less waste is also generated.

The Clever Little Bag

Sneakers tend to work their packaging in an innovative and, above all, eye-catching way. In this case, Puma combines ecology with attractive design with “The Clever Little Bag”, a protective packaging designed by Yves Béhar, a Swiss designer who saves cardboard and includes a reusable bag.

The Clever Little Bag is a revolutionary wrap made by Puma and Swiss designer Yves Béhar. Composed of a single removable cardboard frame and a reusable bag, it saves 65% on cardboard, but also avoids the use of a shopping bag.

Air Max sneakers with air wrap

For its part, Nike Air Max shoes are wrapped in an air capsule created by a plastic bag. Saving the box is an ecological achievement, but ideally, a bioplastic should also be used.

Container for Air Max with milk jugs

Arthur Huang, CEO of Miniwiz, also proposes an original way to store Nike shoes. As can be seen in the video, it is a multipurpose, recyclable and recycled box, since it has been created from milk bottles. Thanks to this partnership with Nike found a very interesting way to convert a box of shoes in a multipurpose product.

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