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Ideas for making vertical gardens with plastic bottles

The vertical gardens created with plastic bottles can be made almost anywhere where there is a wall, a fence or simply a ceiling from which you can hang a few simple fasteners. Whether it is to make a mini urban garden or an ornamental garden, the effort and the necessary means will be minimal.

Basically, we need the bottles , a good scissors, holding material, soil and the seedlings or seeds to get results. Of course, as it happens in everything, also when designing a vertical garden there is a wide range of possibilities, ranging from basic to other really complex, both in the arrangement of the bottles and with regard to the systems of automated irrigation.

  1. Vertically or horizontally?
  2. Cover walls or fences and create them
  3. Towers with bottles

Vertically or horizontally?

One option is to place the bottles in the horizontal , holding them at both ends to keep the balance . On the contrary, if we choose to place it vertically, it will suffice with a single clamping by means of a small string that from the base of a bottle to its cap, repeatedly, stringing one bottle with another as if they were the beads of a necklace.

Bottles placed horizontally will facilitate extra watering from the rain, although holding them will be more difficult. In turn, we can take advantage of the entire container to fill it with soil, while the vertical bottles have to leave space for the plant, so they are usually only half filled.

The surface of green that we obtain will be greater if we choose the horizontal placement, as can be seen in the different images, except that we choose to cut them in half and leave a free upper space so that the plant can also grow to the top, with greater freedom than when we force her to confine herself to a small window.

Cover walls or fences and create them

The placement of the bottles will be easy if we take advantage of the clamping as a guide so that they are one under the other, at an always equal or unequal distance, depending on our design, which we will plan depending on the space we want to cover.

Either vertically or horizontally, the bottles are ideal to cover a fence, a wall or to create them, achieving from a dense garden to a separation similar to that which would provide us with a fun screen.

If we get the right size bottles, it will be easy to transform a pallet into a vertical garden, perfect for hanging on the wall. We will save the fasteners and the result will be decorative and easy to integrate into any environment if we know how to play with colors , both for the wooden structure and for the bottles.

Towers with bottles

Bottle towers are perhaps the most complex option to build, but it only seems so, because in reality it is about fitting them together communicating with each other to allow easy drainage and irrigation.

The root ball or the plants can be planted in the window of each bottle , once we have made the structure and introduced the soil, as the last step. And, when watering, the entire tower is moistened by pouring water into the upper bottle so that it falls progressively. That is, the water drips into the funnel and is filtered. In the event that it rains or that we water too much, the excess water is evacuated through the holes that we will have made in the wall. And on the contrary, since no water is lost, we reduce evaporation, thereby reducing the need for irrigation.

The towers are an interesting option to cover metal fences , while it will be easy to hold the bottles thanks to their same structure. An easy way to turn an unsightly element into a green wall and to attract biodiversity, with the advantage of these can be vegetables or aromatic plants that dress our dishes and drive away pests.

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