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What is the importance of ecosystems

An ecosystem in balance makes it possible for the biodiversity that is part of it to develop normally, and not only its biodiversity, but also its physical environment composed of the climate, water flows, soil and wind currents, among others. . An imbalance in the ecosystem would end up damaging both its physical environment and its biological complex, since there is an interaction between the two.

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What is an ecosystem

An ecosystem is a set formed by a specific community of living beings , such as plants, animals and microorganisms ( biocenosis ), and a specific space ( biotope ), which interact as a functional unit. Thanks to these interactions between the environment and the species, as well as those that occur between the species themselves, a biological and ecological balance is established .

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The importance of ecosystems for biodiversity

As we have said before, in ecosystems there are interactions between species and the environment, and between different species ( interspecific relationships ), as well as between the members of each species ( intraspecific relationships ), establishing a biological and ecological balance. This means that the existence of one species conditions the existence of another and influences the correct functioning of the environment. The ecosystem, specifically the natural or physical environment, is the main promoter of balance, since it provides the right conditions for interactions between the environment and the species and between the species themselves. For example, food chains They are an example of biological balance, if the food chain fails due to the extinction of a species, the ecosystem ends up becoming unbalanced, damaging its biological diversity.

Therefore, an ecosystem in balance makes possible the existence of a great biodiversity , since the species, both animals and plants and of other types, will have a habitat under suitable conditions to live and a source of food for the contribution of matter. necessary organic, or in the case of plants, inorganic matter.

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What is the importance of ecosystems for human life

The human being, like all living beings, is part of ecosystems. Ecosystems are the main support for human life to be possible , from them it acquires, not only food (vegetables, fungi and animals), but all those resources found in its physical environment (water, wood, fossil fuels, rocks, etc.) used to satisfy the needs of the same.

Historically humans have interacted with ecosystems benefit from them , but the problem arises when you start to overexploit , considerably modifying, destroying them and, therefore, desestabilizándolos. Currently, humans are the main threat to ecosystems, putting their existence at risk. The speed with which humans modify nature does not allow time for it to regenerate itself.

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Why it is important to protect ecosystems

When we ask ourselves what is the importance of protecting ecosystems, it is evident that it is because ecosystems are fundamental for the existence of any type of life , since they provide a large amount of goods and services. We advise you to read this other article if you want to know better the goods and services of ecosystems .

Ensuring the natural balance of all types of ecosystems is very important for nature to continue with its course, but for years these have been seriously affected by human intervention.

Protecting ecosystems can prevent the acceleration of climate change and the rise of social conflicts due to the scarcity of goods, such as water due to the disappearance of aquifers, or food due to the loss of soil fertility. In addition, its protection helps improve people’s health and prevents the proliferation of new diseases. In addition, a favorable environment for future generations is ensured.

What can be done to protect ecosystems

There are many measures that can be taken to take care of an ecosystem , and all must be aimed at a sustainable life model. Some of these measures include:

  • Promote the use of renewable energy.
  • End the use of single-use products, and purchase the products when they are really needed. In short, reduce consumption in order to preserve natural resources.
  • Investment in industries for the use of efficient clean machinery, that is, to produce the same with less energy, in addition to reducing the emission of polluting gases.
  • Environmental education and awareness of society.
  • Opt for a circular economic model, since the capitalist model based on generating greater economic benefits has a great weight in the destruction of ecosystems. (deforestation, exploitation of fishing grounds, livestock and extensive agriculture.
  • Stricter laws that penalize the alteration of the natural environment, and that not everything is resolved with financial fines.
  • Greater protection to animal and plant species by tightening the laws.

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