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How to plant a tree step by step

Planting a tree is not a piece of cake, but simply planting a tree. Because, although it seems to be an easy activity , in reality it is not as simple as it seems.

Where to start, what do we do first? Do not panic, because although it is not as easy as we might believe, in reality it is enough to follow a few basic steps so as not to err in the attempt.

The information must be prior to picking up the shovel and the seedling or putting the seeds in our pockets . Thus, we have to know which species are more suitable for the place where we are, be it the mountain itself or the garden of our house. As is known, each type of tree requires different climatic conditions and soil richness.

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A suitable place

For example, a sandier or more compact soil or with a higher or lower acidity is not the same, which will depend on the predominant substrate, be it limestone, clay, peat, limestone, etc. In addition, this is essential, if we plant several trees we have to leave a minimum distance of 3 meters between them.

It is also advisable to be demanding when it comes to acquiring seeds or seedlings. Overall, we buy them in places of trust , where genetics and quality is guaranteed a minimum conditions phytosanitary . If we prefer the trees to the seeds, it is better if they come with a root ball.

Another of the previous steps is to choose the most suitable place. We will have to unload points near buried pipes or pipes , a vegetable garden or garden spaces that require sun or, of course, near walls or buildings that can bother the tree as well as be a hindrance in reverse.

Dig the hole in advance

Once the place has been chosen, it is convenient to clear the ground so that the young tree can grow vigorously, without having to compete with other vegetation . Next, we will dig a deep hole about 40 centimeters high, wide and deep, if possible a couple of months before introducing the plant to get a soil with better properties.

Finally, we proceed to plant the seeds or the seedling, the root ball well moistened as a first watering that will help it survive. We will place the plant straight and with the earth very tight around it, with the earth covering the entire root, just flush, in a small hole that we will have made in the hole to which we will have previously returned the earth.

If we add compost, it does not have to touch the root. Putting it on also has its little science: you have to bury it a foot from the plant , and not exceed the amount. If we deem it convenient, finally, the tree can be protected with meshes that surround it, tied to one or more posts to which they are fastened with a few cable ties.

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