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Indoor plants with flower

Putting plants at home can bring us many benefits. Indoor plants not only provide us with an ornamental level, but it is a way to continue connecting with nature, to clean the rooms and even to revitalize ourselves with their aroma. But not all plants are suitable to be indoors, in the same way, not all indoor plants have flowers.

Do you want to know which ones are suitable? In the following AgroCorrn article we will tell you about the best flowering indoor plants : red, white, all year round and resistant, there are something for all tastes!

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  1. Indoor plants with flower all year round
  2. Indoor plants with red flower
  3. Indoor plants with white flower
  4. Hardy flowering houseplants

Indoor plants with flower all year round

If you want to use the plants as decoration, opting for those that bloom throughout the year may be one of your options. In the following section we will talk about 5 indoor plants with flowers all year round that can give a touch of color to your house:

  • Kalanchoe – This is one of the indoor plants that bloom throughout the year. In addition, it has very few requirements to show its splendor, only that we water it a little and, above all, that it has a lot of light. Another thing you need is to be in a space with good ventilation and enough space, since it can reach 40 centimeters. Do you want to know if you are doing it right? If when its flowers wither new flowers appear, everything is correct.
  • Spatiphyllum and Anturium : although they are from the same family and are really very similar plants, they are two different species. Both have a very special characteristic: the intense colors of their eyes. In addition, these are two very easy plants to grow, which makes them magnificent indoor plants with flower throughout the year.
  • Mini rose bush – Roses are probably the most popular flowers in the world. But, did you know that you can have them in your home throughout the year? Mini rose bushes, unlike their outdoor relatives, bloom throughout the year. Among the care they need, the need for abundant light, moderate water and a temperature that does not exceed 23ºC or drop below 10ºC stands out.
  • Gardenia : it is another of the most popular flowers, in addition, it is a plant with a very peculiar aroma that you may love. Something you should know is that there are indoor and outdoor gardenias, the first being the ones you need. Another thing to understand is that it needs abundant watering and lots of light. On the other hand, the temperature conditions must be the same as those of the mini rose bushes.

Here we talk about 11 plants that bloom all year round .

Indoor plants with red flower

Red is a very intense color that has a lot of ornamental power. Here is a list of the most beautiful indoor plants with red flowers :

  • Anthurium : it is another of the most popular indoor plants, being very common to find its characteristic red flowers in many houses. This plant can grow up to one meter in height, however, if we have it in a pot, it is not usual for it to exceed 50 centimeters. Unlike the plants that we have mentioned before, anthurium has a specific flowering time, during spring or summer. To do this, it requires a series of cares: plenty of natural light but not reaching it directly, protect it from currents, water it with water that has a low pH 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Begonia : the tuberous begonia is a beautiful plant that can reach 40 centimeters and bloom at any time, however, in summer and spring it intensifies. For this to be the case, it needs to receive a lot of light and water between 2 or 3 times a week. However, it is important not to flood it so that it does not drown.
  • Ixora coccinea : this plant, popularly known as Santa Rita, usually blooms in spring and brings out its red flowers. Among its main needs we find a warm environment, the need for light, although it should not be direct, and irrigation 2 to 3 times a week -preferably with rainwater-.
  • Red chrysanthemum : it is another of the indoor plants with red flowers that can give a special touch of color to your home. Although in its habitat it can reach a meter and a half in height, in a pot it does not usually exceed half a meter. In autumn it produces many flowers, which are open for 2 to 3 weeks each. To take good care of them, you need to have enough light and frequent watering.

Indoor plants with white flower

White is the elegant color par excellence, perfect for decoration and soothing to the eye. Do you want to put a houseplant with a white flower in your house? Keep reading and below we explain some of the best options:

  • Madagascar jasmine : Stephanotis floribunda, also known as Madagascar jasmine, this is a climbing plant that is related to jasmine. It is a vigorous plant that gives off a very pleasant aroma, and its white flower is excellent for decorative purposes. What is complicated about its care is the need to guide it to achieve a good density.
  • Eucharis : this is one of the most elegant plants that we can have in our house. With a flower similar to that of the narcissus, it has an inflorescence from which a stem with several flowers emerges. It is best to keep it in a bright place and water it weekly. In addition, fertilizer should be added monthly.
  • Dwarf anthurium: in this article we have already told you about anthurium, however, this variety does not have a red flower but it is smaller, also that of its flowers, and it is white. It is a particularly beautiful plant, as the white of its flowers contrasts with the different colors of green on its trunk and leaves.
  • Gardenia jasminoides : it is another of the white-flowered indoor plants that we recommend, not only for its beautiful white flowers, but for the characteristic smell that its flowers give off. Something that must be especially taken into account when caring for this plant is that it is made of acidic soil, so we must monitor both the water with which we irrigate it and the substrate where we place it.
  • Orchid : it is one of the most popular indoor plants in the world, those with white flowers, in addition, they bring a touch of elegance to your home that make it one of the favorites for many florists. In the following article we explain some homemade fungicides for orchids so that you always keep them free of pests.

Hardy flowering houseplants

One of the things that we value the most when putting a houseplant is its resistance. Especially in those people who are not experts, a plant that resists well to the different conditions that can occur inside a house is essential for it to stay alive. Do you want to know the best indoor plants with resistant flowers ? This is our list:

  • African Violet : as its name indicates, the African violet comes from Africa, specifically from the desert. Among its main characteristics, in addition to its beautiful lilac flowers, is the fact that they hardly need watering. The best way to do this is to put some water in the dish under the pot and wait until the plant itself has absorbed it.
  • Bromeliad : this plant, whose origin is in Brazil, usually grows on the tree branch naturally. However, it is also considered an indoor plant, as it has the ability to adapt to almost any situation. The only important thing is to keep it with constant humidity, however, you should never flood it.
  • Geranium : This is one of the most popular indoor plants and in large part this is because it is a very hardy plant. Of course, we must always follow appropriate guidelines, such as having it in a bright place so that it can flourish.
  • Red anthurium : it is one of the first plants that we have talked about and it will also be the last. And it is not surprising, since we can find it in many houses. To what we have already explained before, we only have to add the two basic cares: humid soil and indirect light.

In the video below you can see more details of many of these flowering indoor plants .

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