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Ornamental houseplants

Indoor plants are one of the best options to decorate the home, also achieving a fresher and more fragrant environment. There is a wide variety of species that you can use, thus choosing the ones that best suit the decoration of each room thanks to their colors, size, texture or any other characteristic of the many that they may have.

Those that have ornamental flowers are always the most successful in the interior of the home, since they are much prettier and can certainly look spectacular. Here are a few houseplants that have ornamental flowers that are perfect for decorating:

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  1. Aechmea
  2. Afelandra
  3. Azalea
  4. Cala
  5. Gardenia
  6. Jasmine from Madagascar


Each rosette it has blooms only once, then wilts and dies, but before doing so it gives rise to 2-3 more rosettes, which is constantly blooming . The rosette that is in the central part should have about two centimeters of water, changing it every two weeks and always using rainwater.


To reach its maximum splendor you need to be in a place where it has very good lighting, but avoiding direct sunlight. The soil should always be moist, and you should spray the foliage to maintain a good humidity level.


It is one of the most beautiful and famous, and you should always water it abundantly with rainwater, since the tap water can cause you to suffer from iron chlorosis . If you have to water with something other than rain, apply liquid iron chelates to compensate.


It is one of the most beautiful indoor plants, with beautiful and very showy flowers . You have to water it a lot in the growing and flowering season, but after flowering it must be completely dry so that it loses its leaves. Then, water again little by little so that they come out again.


Also well known thanks to its beauty, and you should also water it with rainwater or apply liquid iron chelates afterwards so that it does not spoil with lime.

Jasmine from Madagascar

It is a plant that needs a lot of light and that cannot be close to a heating system as it is severely damaged. To make it bloom in much more quantity , give her a break between fall and winter, which means that at that time must be in an area with less light and more fresh, with little irrigation and no fertilizer.

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