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How to grow Papyrus step by step

Papyrus is a well-known plant thanks to the ancient Egyptians, who used it to make sheets on which to later write. Nowadays it is given the same use but especially for later use in decoration, being very good in any place but being the humid areas such as ponds, lakes or its surroundings where it will look best.

It is a plant that can be grown both indoors and outdoors, although always in warm areas so that it can develop properly. It is perfect to grow at home since it grows very fast and does not need you to take care of it too much, plus it is very beautiful and will give a lot of life to any environment in which you are going to place it.

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How to grow papyrus

  • Lighting : you need to always be in an area that is very well lit, either naturally or artificially, although it is clear that natural light is always the best. If you grow it indoors, always put it close to a window so it can take advantage of all the light.
  • Temperature : for it to develop to its maximum potential, it must always be at temperatures that range between 10 and 25ºC. If you have it outside, it is best to pass it inside in winter if the temperature usually drops below 8ºC, or you can protect it with plastic so that it is not affected by frost.
  • Watering the Papyrus : it has to be very frequent since the substrate needs to always be very humid, practically flooded. It is a plant that needs a lot of humidity, so if it is not in a very humid environment, it will have to be achieved with daily watering (every two days if it is indoors).
  • Fertilizer : during the spring-summer season you have to do it once a month, always with a balanced liquid fertilizer.
  • Reproduction : it is a species that reproduces thanks to the cuttings, which are placed directly in the water and from which the roots emerge. Once that happens you can transplant into a pot or garden soil. Reproduction can also be achieved by cutting one of the stems and separating its tuber to plant it directly in the ground.
  • Soil : use one part of garden soil, another of sand and two of peat. While it is in the growing season it is advisable to pay once a month or two at most.

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