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In this article we are going to focus on something also very important about cacti , such as the uses they have, and that is that many people like them but do not know exactly what to use them for. The truth is that the utilities of cacti are many, so here we leave you the main ones.

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Main uses of cacti

  • Ornamental plant: undoubtedly one of the most common uses for any plant since at a decorative level they are fantastic. If the plants in the garden they will look great with rockeries and the ground covered with gravel, while indoors they are also a good decorative complement in a pot.
  • Defensive hedges: if you have a garden or orchard there are many species of cacti that you can plant to protect a space from the wind or other inclement weather. One of the best species for this is the Opuntias.
  • Food: it serves both for us and for animals and thanks to the fruits of species such as Chumberas, Garambullos or Tunas.
  • Medicinal uses: they are used for a multitude of home remedies that are used to treat various conditions, such as healing wounds with Aloe Vera.
  • Fibers: some of the fibers of species such as Cephalocereus or Pilosocereus are very good to weave or to fill in mattresses and cushions.
  • Wood: some of the Cylindropuntias species serve as firewood to use in the fireplace, while others such as those of Trichocereus Pasacana are used to make furniture and frames.
  • Dyes: Opuntias blades can be used to cultivate insects such as the nopal cochineal or grana and extract a striking purple dye from them, which is very good for dyeing textiles.
  • Compost: many species serve as organic compost for the soil.

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