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Grow succulent or succulent plants

Surely you have seen these curious plants a lot of times in your life and you have wondered how they would look on the shelf in your house … Well, now is the time to do it! The succulents are ideal species to grow and that are the most decorative and easy to maintain … Want to know more about them?

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What are succulent plants like?

The succulents, succulent or succulents are those species that augment the volume of stems and leaves as they absorb liquid and stored inside to ensure their survival (stored much more water than any other plant). That is precisely why we said that these plants are grateful since they have a very simple culture.

There are different species : from the Agavaceae and the Aizoaceas to the Apocinaceae, Asclepiadacias, Cactaceae, Crassulaceae, Liliaceae or Orchidaceae, among others.

How to care for succulents

Some good tips for your minimal care would be the following:

  • Lack of humidity is not usually a problem, which does not mean that you should forget to water them from time to time (when the substrate dries) with distilled water to keep them in perfect health. You will notice a lack of watering when they are thin or wrinkled, but they will soon recover by supplying water.
  • Wet the soil directly and do not make the mistake of pouring water on the stems or leaves, as the humidity could cause stains or rotting on their surface.
  • Make sure that the pots provide good drainage thanks to some small holes in their base, as excess moisture could cause fungus in your specimen.
  • In summer it is when it is most necessary to water these plants, but in winter you will practically not need to do it unless the plant is grown indoors.
  • The best soil for these plants is sandy and not peaty as used to be thought a few years ago.

Finally, don’t forget to make them look with a beautiful pot that gives them the limelight!

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