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The best plants for the office

Indoor plants are excellent decorative elements for the home, since in addition to being very beautiful, they constitute natural air purifiers that allow to renew the atmosphere of the rooms, in the same way that they create a feeling of relaxation and lightness.

But do not think that the plants will only serve to decorate your house . And there is nothing better than breaking the gray monotony of any office with colorful species that will make your work environment a more pleasant place. Of course, before choosing the species that will become part of the decoration of your office, you must take into account the conditions of the space: humidity, incidence of sunlight, air conditioning …

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  1. Inappropriate environments
  2. aspidistra, aglaonema, dracena
  3. Sansevieria, love y kentia

Inappropriate environments

In general, offices are not very conducive to indoor plants, since it is usually very hot in winter due to the heating and cold in summer due to the air conditioning. Also, the air currents are more continuous. However, the worst problem is the lighting due to the little light that enters through the window and the inadequate light from the fluorescent lamps.

aspidistra, aglaonema, dracena

For this reason, one of the best plants for the office is the aspidistra, one of the most resistant and long-lived indoor species, which can live for more than 20 years. Aglaonema is also resistant to lack of light, but poorly resistant to environmental dryness. For its part, the dracena is very popular in offices.

Sansevieria, love y kentia

Another plant that we recommend for the office is the sansevieria, which has a reputation for being indestructible, since it withstands the dry and hot atmosphere of the rooms. It is also one of the plants that needs less irrigation. On the other hand, the tape is easy to grow and multiply and adapts very well to adverse conditions. Nor do we want to forget the kentia, one of the most used palm trees for interiors. This species is very resistant to the dryness of the environment and tolerates low lighting very well.

In addition to the above, the philodendron, bamboo palm, spatifilo, cheflera or lucky bamboo are recommended.

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