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The best indoor plants

Growing plants indoors will not only make it look much fresher and more natural, but it will also purify the air and improve the quality of the environment in many ways. When it comes to opting for some of them, however, doubts arise: the best indoor plants must have a successful combination of beauty, resistance and practicality. Based on the above we leave you some of the best to grow at home, do not miss them!

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Recommended indoor plants

In addition to the above characteristics, these plants should also be inexpensive, require not too demanding care and grow in a moderate way so that we do not have to worry about transplanting them.

The following are some of the favorites:


Despite the fact that it requires sunny spaces to develop, it is a fairly resistant specimen. To water it you must deposit the water in the cup formed by its leaves, but do not overdo it or you may harm them.


It is a species of the most beautiful and resistant for interiors that can last up to 20 years. As for irrigation, it is better to be moderate and by immersion.


It is a good indoor plant, not only because of the elegance that characterizes it but also because in fact it does not withstand the too low temperatures to which it would be exposed outside the home. To develop it needs abundant watering and to live in a place with good humidity.


It may be the fact that it requires little light that makes it such a popular specimen for indoor use, although this could also be due to its ease of growing or its beautiful appearance.


It is one of those plants that hardly need to be watered, so it will be great for the most clueless or for those who travel too much to be able to attend to it. In addition, although it prefers to live in bright spaces, it is resistant in almost all kinds of situations (darkness, high temperatures, dry environments, etc.).

Other specimens are the Potos, the Clivia, the Aspidistria or the Christmas cactus.

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