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Most common pests and diseases of indoor plants

The pests and diseases are the major problems that we can find in any crop and planting, whether from plants, vegetables, trees, etc. It is advisable to pay close attention to this since some can kill the plant, so it is very important to know the ones that can most affect each one of them to be able to combat them as soon as you see that they begin to appear.

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Although to a lesser extent, indoor plants are also affected by pests and diseases , less than if they were outside since they are more protected but still do not get rid of those that can enter the house. When you don’t take proper care of your plants, they will be more affected by both diseases and pests. Take note of the most common in indoor plants:

  • Mealybug : This pest sucks sap with a waxy coating and especially affects cacti and succulents. Its main damages are malformations both in the stems and in the leaves, and to be able to combat it you must use an insecticide that has cryptolaemus, thioclopride, acetamiprida, plant oil or fatty acids.
  • Insects flake : may be soft or more rigid and attack much of houseplants. They also suck the sap from plants and are covered in circular protective scales. To end them, you must spray the plant with products that have acetamiprida, thioclopride, plant oil or fatty acids.
  • Whitefly: both the fly and its greenish nymphs attack indoor plants by sucking their sap, then secreting a sugary honeydew that attracts other pests such as bold or sooty mold. You can combat it using the parasitic wasp or spraying with a suitable insecticide.
  • Gray mold : the plant is covered with a fluffy gray mold that rots the plant tissue, also making the flower petals look brown. This pest appears especially when the plants are not well aerated, so you will have to ventilate the house well daily and water in the mornings so that there is less humidity.

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