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The optimal orientation of indoor plants

Plants are a very important part of decorating your home , and you always have to choose in detail the place where you are going to place them in order to make the most of the light so that they develop correctly . For this it is very important that you take into account the orientation of the plants, a key aspect so that the development is the best possible.

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In any case, even if they need sun it is very important that you protect the plants from direct rays since there are many species that can spoil. The best thing is that you know how to orient your indoor plants and thus ensure that you make the most of the potential of each one, since not all have the same needs. Take note:

  • South facing: This ensures that the plants are exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day, so it is great for those species that need direct light such as cacti or succulents. Although they need direct light, you must protect them with a filter in the summer months so that they do not burn.
  • Orientation to the east: In this way they will receive sun in the morning and indirect light the rest of the day, which is very good for those who cannot bear many hours of direct light.
  • West orientation : With this orientation they will receive the sun in the afternoon and indirect light in the morning, in addition to the fact that the sun will be much stronger and hotter than when it is towards the east. It is the ideal orientation for plants that only tolerate a couple of hours of sun a day.
  • Orientation to the north: In this place they will receive a lot of indirect light in summer but it will not be enough in winter, at least for any plant but for those that need indirect light.

Any plant you can change its orientation at each time of the year to take advantage of the characteristics of each of the cardinal points.

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