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Plants that purify the air we breathe

Many plants can help us reduce pollution inside our homes and thus purify the air we breathe , in addition to decorating our houses. We can combat harmful particles that live with us in our rooms and living rooms, on floors, carpets and rugs.

Green plants inside the home help fight toxic gases accumulated by chemicals such as acetone, formaldehyde, building materials, and many others.

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Plants that purify

Through the process of photosynthesis the leaves absorb the C02 and several air pollutants so it is effective to have plants in all parts of the house.

Inside the houses pollutants can be found in different amounts depending on whether the houses are more or less ventilated, so it is highly advisable to ventilate at least two minutes a day.

Among the substances that we can find are:

  • Trichlorethylene: In degreasing products.
  • Benzene: In paint thinners and detergents, it is highly carcinogenic.
  • Formaldehyde: In cigarette and paint fumes, it is also very carcinogenic.
  • Ammonia: In degreasers, floor cleaning products, clothing and kitchen.

To avoid all these polluting agents, we should use ecological cleaning products that are much cheaper and do not harm our health, or use plants that help us avoid the negative effects of these and many other substances.

Some are currently known to remove various substances, including:

  • Yedra: Needs little light and is very effective against benzene
  • Dwarf palm: It also likes little light and needs humidity, it acts against ammonia, formaldehyde and xylene.

More plants that purify the air

Likewise the ficus, chrysanthemums, azaleas, aloe vera, dracena, areca … All these plants improve the quality of the air in the houses.

You also have to avoid the use of aerosols that harm the environment.

In several studies that have been carried out it has been discovered that the plants adopted in the tradition with functions of decorating the homes contribute to combat and eliminate air pollution, ridding itself of many disorders and serious diseases as they help to maintain cleaner air .

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