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Top 3 succulent plants for your home

The other day I told you about some succulents that maybe you did not know but today I want to talk about some succulents that would be ideal to have in your home, I want you to know a list of my favorite top of succulents, so maybe … you cheer up to have one, because they are so worth it!

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  1. The Jade Plant
  2. Aloe vera
  3. Snake plant


The Jade Plant

The jade plant is one of my favorites, but it is also a favorite of many other people because it is so easy for it to grow. It is native to South Africa and grows with thick, bright green stems and leaves tinged with a little red. To take care of this plant you must wait for the soil to dry completely before giving it away again.

But when you water it and wait for the soil to dry out, you must be careful because you should not wait too long, if you notice that its leaves begin to wrinkle or lose their natural shine it is because it can start to wither at any moment.

You will need to fertilize three times in summer and keep the plants in a place where there can be air so that the plant is balanced.

Aloe vera

The Aloe vera plant is a medicinal plant that we should all have in our home. Its sap is suitable for many uses and has been used for centuries to treat wounds and sunburns. Although the sharp spines along the edges of the leaves can be cut.

It is necessary that to care for the aloe vera plant you let the soil dry out between waterings and never let the soil get too wet. It should be better between sun and shade so that it can grow properly and fertilize 3 times when summer arrives. In winter it is not necessary. If you see that the roots come out of the pot you will have to transplant it to a larger one.

Snake plant

The snake plant is a succulent plant and tends to like a lot for its peculiar appearance. The leaves grow with stamped yellow markings that are reminiscent of the snake and that is why it is called that.

As with most succulents, you should allow the soil to dry out between waterings as overwatering can cause the plant to rot. This plant does not need fertilizers but if you want to do it only once a year. If the leaves are damaged you can prune them to make it look good.

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