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Perfect plants and flowers for indoor gardens

Not all gardens are lucky enough to be exposed to optimal conditions or to have all the sun that the owner of the garden would like, but this is not an excuse to have a great and well-kept garden. Knowing which are the perfect plants for indoor gardens , you will have no problems. Do you want to know which are the best plants if your garden is always in the shade?

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  1. Mackaya bella
  2. Plectranthus madagascariensis
  3. Begonias
  4. Hortensias


Mackaya bella

This beautifully flowered plant is unique to southern Africa and grows up to two meters tall. Its leaves are very attractive and shiny with a lovely dark green.

Mackaya bella can be planted in semi-shaded and shaded areas but the soil will need to be well drained and composted so that you can get the maximum beauty from this plant. In addition, the water for the plant you will have to take into account that with the summer heat you will have to water it more often and also prune the bush regularly to enhance its growth and beauty.

Plectranthus madagascariensis

Although this name may seem strange to you, this beautiful plant with a minty aroma is perfect for your garden in the shade. It can grow and thrive in complete shade, but if your garden is in semi-shade or with partial sun you can also take it into account for your garden.

This plant can become your perfect plant for your indoor garden because in addition to the smell of its leaves, it will brighten up the environment because it is bicolor. As if that were not enough, it is a fast growing plant so it will help you fill the empty spaces in your garden with its beautiful color and prevent weeds from growing where they should not.


The coloring of the begonias will help your indoor and shaded garden to be filled with color and vitality thanks to their beauty and splendor. These flowers are capable of lighting up the darkest garden , as if that were not enough, you can choose those begonias that you prefer since you can find them in different sizes.

Begonias can grow to no less than 40 cm tall, but in order to see their full splendor you will need to maintain fertile, well-drained soil.


Hydrangeas are beautiful plants that can grow in shade or semi shade. Its flowering is in spring and you can enjoy its beauty during all the warm months of the year even if there is no sun for it. Its large and beautiful flowers will give life to your garden, it will be spectacular!

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