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Indoor plants without flower

There are people who think that they cannot have plants in their home because they do not have a terrace, garden or perhaps a balcony, but there are many indoor plants that can be perfectly adapted to your life and your decoration. Not only are there flowering houseplants, but you can also think of some non-flowering houseplants so that you can get a great decoration without having to think about the color of the flowers.

Would you like to know some indoor plants without flowers to decorate your home with the most beautiful green color? Remember that plants will provide very good energy to your home and, in addition, they will help you to renew the air to be able to have more oxygen in your house. Need some flowerless houseplant ideas ? Do not lose detail!

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  1. Fern
  2. Ribbons
  3. aloe vera the sable


The fern is a wonderful plant that, even if it does not have a flower, will add great elegance to any home. You can also put it in any corner of your house to provide all its benefits both in the air and in the decoration. In addition, the fern is a very resistant plant that can be both in the sun and in the shade and as if that were not enough, if you are a clueless person it can withstand times of drought well. Although the ideal for the fern is that it can be in a sunny place and that it always has adequate watering.


The ribbon plant or malamdre is a very beautiful and very resistant plant that also does not have a flower but that fits perfectly anywhere in your home. It is a very traditional indoor plant in homes, it is very decorative and has elongated leaves . They also have an attraction that is usually liked a lot and that is that in their green leaves they have yellow or whitish lines on the leaves that will make them beautiful. You can put it both in the sun and in the shade.

aloe vera the sable

The aloe vera plant is a plant that does not have a flower but is great to have in every home in the world. In addition to being a resistant plant, it is a plant that offers you great benefits in your day-to-day life, since this plant has a gel inside its leaves that can help treat skin problems, among many other benefits. And as if that were not enough, aloe vera or aloe vera is also a very resistant plant.

Which of these three indoor plants without flowers do you like the most to have in your home?

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