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Ingenious indoor plant care

You might think that the best plants for lazy people are cloth or plastic plants because they would only have to worry about cleaning the dust and little else. But a person who is lazy does not have to give up having live and precious plants in his home. Plants provide many benefits and for that reason alone it is worth it that even if you are lazy you can know some basic care so that your indoor plants live for a long time.

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  1. Find a place with light
  2. Avoid dropping too much water
  3. Add some tea to your plants
  4. Use ice in the water
  5. Use mayonnaise

Find a place with light

First you will have to decide where to place your plant, you will have to take into account that the windows are oriented to the south because this way they can receive much more natural light than if you have them facing north. The windows of your home can be good light collectors , so you will have to look before putting your plants in the amount of sun it receives in the morning and in the afternoon.

Avoid dropping too much water

If the pots inside your home cause the soil to dry out too quickly because when you water them the water comes out of the saucer very quickly, you can try this simple trick to keep the soil moist longer in case you forget to water them: when transplanting your plants , put a damp sponge in the bottom of the pot before filling it with soil, the sponge will act as a water reservoir and will help you not to leave the water so quickly.

Add some tea to your plants

Schedule one tea time a day for your indoor plants, especially if you have ferns or gardenias . You can add a little water with tea to give your plants an incredible look and live longer.

Use ice in the water

You can place the ice around the ground but without touching the stem of the plant. The ice melts slowly releasing water gradually on the ground , something that will come in handy if you have to be away from home all day.

Use mayonnaise

Rub a small amount of mayonnaise on the leaves of your plant with a paper towel, you will be speechless at the shiny look it will get.

What do you think of these little tricks for lazy people who want to have live plants in the home? Although I must also tell you, that if you are not a lazy person, they will also be great for you.

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