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Plants to eliminate the smell of tobacco

Few things are more annoying and unpleasant than the smell of tobacco in the home , even for those who smoke. But in addition to being annoying, cigarette smoke can be harmful to health and create a thick layer of dirt on walls, radiators, curtains, textile elements and on all the furniture in the rooms where it is smoked.

For all these reasons, it would be best to avoid smoking indoors or, better yet, to quit smoking forever. But if this is not possible, there are some remedies to eliminate bad smoke and the smell of tobacco from homes, such as the installation of purifiers or ionizers. However, at Jardín Plantas we like the most natural options . So, how would you like to make the smell of tobacco disappear thanks to the plants?

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  1. Natural humidifiers
  2. The best plants to eliminate smoke
  3. Also to decorate

Natural humidifiers

In the same way that cyclamen is the ideal plant as a natural humidifier , there are other species capable of absorbing unpleasant and strong odors from the air caused by chemicals, kitchen smoke or tobacco, which is the topic that concerns us today. .

The best plants to eliminate smoke

Against this unpleasant smell, one of the best plants is the gerbera , ideal for living rooms and rooms where cigarettes are constantly smoked. Other recommended plants are the tape, the heuidra, the ficus benjamina, the sanseviera or the tiger’s tongue, the dracena, the chamaedorea palm and the variety of cactus cereus Peruvianus.

Also to decorate

And, in addition to purifying the environment and eliminating the unpleasant smell of tobacco , these plants will help you decorate your home. As if that were not enough, plants are also useful to avoid radiation from televisions and computers.

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