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Which are the countries that least pollute the environment

The countries that pollute the environment the least are probably those with the most poverty. The reason is simple, this is because they do not have an industry that emits polluting gases. We are talking about South Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa, whose regions barely emit gases, which is why we have just commented. However, despite not contributing to the greenhouse effect, they are the places that suffer the most. Continuous climate change seriously affects the few crops that they generate and causes major catastrophes in ecosystems.

In this article we will explain which developed countries pollute the least and how they can benefit the rest of the world. At AgroCorrn we want to make the world aware of the impact that those countries that want to take care of our planet can have and how we can collaborate, keep reading and discover which countries pollute the environment the least .

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  1. Which are the countries that least pollute the environment
  2. What are the main causes of pollution
  3. The countries that pollute the environment the most

Which are the countries that least pollute the environment

When we talk about pollution, we are not only referring to the gases emitted. We must include the treatment of forests (cutting down trees), poaching, the destruction of ecosystems or the destruction of protected species.

There are countries that take these aspects very seriously and have established laws that have become tougher. Did you know that in Spain the crime against the environment can be punished with a prison sentence of up to 3 years? That said, let’s see which are the least polluting countries :

  • Finland: probably one of the countries with the most vegetation. The goal they have set is to consume renewable energy in a very high percentage before 2025.
  • Iceland: This region takes environmental policies very seriously. They protect their forests and are in favor of renewable energies against other more polluting ones.
  • Denmark: Denmark is a country very committed to clean energy. They have been able to reduce CO2 emissions to become one of the first in the positions with less pollution.
  • Sweden: The use of renewable energies is also encouraged in this region. Its forests, water or air are of high quality.
  • Slovenia: Over the past few years, Slovenia has taken a very positive turn in caring for its environment. Air quality has improved considerably and its forests are being protected in order to take care of ecosystems.
  • Estonia: its green areas have been expanding and are increasingly protected. It is one of the countries with the cleanest water and its purpose is to obtain the cleanest air possible.
  • Malta: it is one of the countries with the least pollution. It is also because it is one of the smallest, which contributes to having less industry. However, they also value their natural environment and pay special attention to anything that can corrupt a healthy environment.
  • Portugal: although this is a country that encourages the use of clean energy, it still has a long way to go. However, it is among the leading countries with the least pollution.
  • France: despite all the existing industry in this region, France maintains the quality of its waters in good condition and they are increasingly aware of respect for the environment.
  • Spain: like France and Portugal, we have a long way to go to get the results we want. It is true that the laws in our country are becoming more severe in order to stop crimes against the environment.

Thanks to this and the evolution of cultures, the care of our environment has stood out in recent years, however, we are still far from reaching an optimal point. In the following article we explain which are the countries that recycle the most in the world , those that we should have as a role model.

What are the main causes of pollution

When we think about the causes of pollution, the first thing that comes to mind are polluting gases . We must know that some are no longer allowed and are being replaced by less harmful ones. Although you have to know that there are other ways to pollute that we do not take into account.

The chemicals used to make the crops get better results end up contaminating the land. So do those to fight pests. These polluting substances end up penetrating until they reach the groundwater, and with it, contaminate drinking water. In the end, all this has its repercussions, since water is a necessary element for any living being.

Due to this, the analyzes of the waters must be more and more frequent. Their vigilance is constant, although some ecosystems are not always saved in time due to pollution. We all have the right to live in a healthy environment, if we all cooperate, we will end up achieving it.

The countries that pollute the environment the most

Pollution is a global problem, which affects us all without exception, however, not everyone has the same responsibility at its origin or the same ability to solve it. There are countries that hardly generate greenhouse gases, the vast majority very poor countries that hardly generate industry, but on the other hand we have the most polluting countries, whose involvement is vital to end pollution:


China is the world leader in exports, in fact, its industry is so huge that it has become a global problem at an environmental level. The Chinese industry is located in only 5 provinces, but those provinces already pollute more than any country. The air pollution is such that in cities like Beijing the red alert for pollution has been declared.


The United States is the leader in various initiatives against climate change, however, these efforts are insufficient if we take into account the enormous industrial level of that country. In fact, pollution in the US is becoming a big problem, since it is not only limited to the metropolises, but has gradually moved to more rural areas


Delhi, the capital of India, is considered the most polluted city in the world. Since 1980, there are specific laws in the country to avoid air pollution, however, the increase in biomass and the use of vehicles has made India rise to the 3rd place of the most polluting countries in the world.


Among the countries that are on this list, Russia is the one due to different causes. The pollution of this giant is mainly due to its dependence on fuels such as oil, gas or coal. Furthermore, deforestation and hunting of animals has accelerated in recent decades.


Asia’s other great superpower after China is also a polluting superpower. Japan is the country that consumes the most fossil fuel, in addition, it is in fifth place with respect to the emission of polluting gases.

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