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Sulfur gas pollution

Fossil fuels favor the emission of thousands of polluting substances . Among the worst are sulfur gases, causing serious environmental problems such as acid rain and promoting climate change . But it also produces damage to health, its inhalation induces an increase in respiratory and cardiovascular problems. The airways become irritated and can damage the lung tissue. That is why more and more people suffer from asthma or bronchitis.

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Sulfur dioxide

We are basically talking about sulfur dioxide (SO), a colorless, extremely polluting gas with a somewhat unpleasant smell that is generated in the combustion of coal and oil. The most industrialized areas are the most affected, mainly due to thermoelectric plants, refineries or cars with diesel engines. But this gas also originates in nature itself from volcanic or oceanic eruptions. When the gas is dispersed in the medium environment it is often responsible for various adverse effects on the atmosphere, affecting the living beings, plants and animals.

However, there is some hope because reducing sulfur gases is possible. Fortunately, increasingly less coal is used for combustion, which has improved the quality of the air . But the main objective that companies should set themselves is the total replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energies. On the other hand, consumers can also contribute to reducing pollution, being responsible in their energy consumption or not using private transport when it is not necessary.

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