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Space pollution

Space (around the Earth) is becoming a real garbage and waste dump and it is estimated that each year space pollution increases by 5%. Which is starting to be worrisome. We no longer only pollute the streets, rivers and atmosphere, but also outer space. What was missing! At AgroCorrn, we address the issue of space pollution.

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Risks of space debris

Astronauts have detected large amounts of debris from disused satellites and rockets, as well as missing cameras, plates and toothbrushes. Please don’t throw it into the air and recycle it.

All of this poses a serious danger to space missions and the operation of satellites. Since the impact of one of these objects could endanger the lives of space professionals.

According to several studies, space debris could make Earth orbit impassable within half a century and to prevent this, NASA has launched a dozen monitoring stations, both on the ground and in orbit, and various monitoring instruments.

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