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Cement must reduce its environmental impact

The cement industry must considerably reduce its environmental impact. During the last few years, technological advances and improvements have been made to protect the environment. Mainly with the operation of new furnaces that improve energy efficiency, the use of material, recycling, and waste management. All thanks to the substitution of fossil fuels for less polluting ones such as biomass or the introduction of emission control and reduction equipment.

The problem with ovens is that they are large, require a huge amount of energy to achieve temperatures above 2000ºC, expelling all kinds of emissions such as dust particles, gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, monoxide and carbon dioxide. carbon. Not forgetting chlorides, fluorides, toxic organic compounds and heavy metals. A real bomb for the environment. Keep reading this AgroCorrn article to learn how cement should reduce its environmental impact .

Cement, a great pollutant

That is why cement production is a source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission into the atmosphere, a gas that enhances the greenhouse effect produced by climate change. Cement companies know perfectly well that they must improve their processes to reduce pollution , be more efficient and therefore more competitive. For this reason, many have already obtained environmental certificates that demonstrate the will to reduce their impact on the environment.

The current cement factories have sufficient capacity to recycle and recover various types of waste, reducing the need to buy new raw materials and avoiding the problem generated by waste.

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