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Water stress: water in danger

The water stress is an increasingly widespread phenomenon that causes deterioration of freshwater resources in terms of quantity (overexploited aquifers, dry rivers, polluted lakes) and quality (eutrophication, pollution of organic matter, saline intrusion). In this AgroCorrn article, we explain in detail what water stress is.

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What is water stress

It happens when the demand for water is greater than the quantity available during a certain period of time or when its use is restricted due to its low quality. Much of Spain registers a high risk of suffering a deterioration in the quantity and quality of water, taking into account that the demand for water in Spain between 1975 and 2006 has increased between 50% and 70%. In 2030, 65% of the Spanish population will suffer the consequences of water stress.

Our society is not aware of the problems that a shortage of water can bring and its use is disproportionate with enormous waste in the domestic sphere. Spain is the country in Europe that consumes the most water in homes, with an average of 250 liters per person per day. Prudent spending and the use of efficient systems would prevent a worsening of the problem. In this sense, we must continue to promote a new water culture that allows all of us to sustainably manage this valuable resource. Europe has increased its water consumption by about 50 cubic millimeters per hectare per year on average.

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